Loss weight with the Diet-Burst chewing gum?

People will try anything to help them shift those extra pounds, from crazy diets such as the cabbage diet, to drinking lemon juice infused with maple syrup. But now a relatively new way of losing weight has appeared on the market, and if it works, it could be a best seller.

32-piece-diet-burst-boxA new diet chewing gum contains hunger suppressing ingredients that claim to stave off hunger pangs. The main ingredients in Diet-Burst Gum are African mango and Slendesta, which is a potato extract that has been proven to induce fulness in the stomach.

The gum is set to hit US convenience stores pretty soon, but is already available to buy online at present. The president of Arco Health, the company that developed the chewing gum, Walter Lamb said in an interview with Confectionery News: “It’s about reducing caloric intake… The key is that people continue to eat what they like. They just feel fuller.”

The way the compound of Slendesta works is that it helps the body to release a substance called cholecystokinin, which is a natural hormone that then sends signals to the brain that food has been eaten, and this then indicates to the brain that the stomach is now full up.

The inclusion of African mango, the gum’s other active ingredient, is to boost the bodies natural boost metabolism and decrease blood sugar levels. All of which have a weight shifting effect.Gum_Blister_Packs_3

However, not everyone is convinced that the ingredients in the Diet-Burst Gum have a proven effect on weight loss. The European Food Safety Authority said that any cause and effect relationship between Slendesta and weight loss had yet to be established.

Arco Health released their own press statement which showed that 11 human clinical trials have proven that people taking the protein will lose weight.

And suitably, the gum is quote low in sugar, as each piece of peppermint-flavored gum contains two and a half calories, which is typical to any other sugar-free gum on the market.

Mr Lamb advised that to get the full benefit of the diet suppressing ingredients of the gum, you should chew four pieces, and suppression of hunger will be achieved within 15-20 minutes of chewing. The gum comes in pack of 16 pieces for $14.95, 32 pieces for $24.95, and 64 pieces for $44.95. It is recommended that you chew the gum about 30 minutes before a meal, or whenever you feel hungry for the best results.

And you should not experience any side effects as all the ingredients are naturally derived.

The company apparently had a bit of a problem with the flavouring of the gum, as the first batch tasted awful, but they finally settled on the current peppermint flavour, on sale today. Another plus point for Diet-Burst chewing gum is that you cannot ever chew too many of the gums, as the more you chew, the more effective the gum is.

This new diet gum is not the first time a chewing gum has been manufactured to suppress hunger pangs, back in the 1980’s, a chewing gun called Ayds was created, which promised similar results. However, due to the worldwide epidemic of HIV/AIDS, the product was withdrawn from the market as sales plummeted.

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