Sex Cereal: Breakfast Cereal that boost your sex drive

They say that some foods have aphrodisiac properties, but entrepreneur and creator of Sex Cereal Peter Ehrlich, has taken this concept one step further, with his new product. Ehrlich says that his breakfast cereal aims to “point the way” to better sexual health for men and women, and has manufactured one each, for men and women.

Creator of Sex Cereal Peter Ehrlich, picture by Richard Lauterns

Creator of Sex Cereal Peter Ehrlich, picture by Richard Lauterns

Ehrlich says he was inspired to create the hormone boosting granola, when he attended a vegan food fair in July 2011. Keen to experience all life brings: “When you’re a single dad, you believe that whatever door you walk into, your potential wife is on the other side,” he noticed that the colour of choice for vegan foods were browns and greens. Then a completely different coloured product caught his eye, a gluten-free cereal, in pink packaging, called Girlnola. A gorgeous blonde decorated the package for the female cereal, which was created to balance hormones and a hunky guy adorned the male cereal, manufactured to support testosterone and energy levels.

Sex Cereal for She or He

Sex Cereal for She or He

Ehrlich’s mind was in overdrive: “That was the first time I had ever seen sensuality attached to a health food product,” and he began thinking about creating a cereal for men and women that could boost sexual libido. The wonderfully creative name of Sex Cereal was born, and the nutrient-rich granola was debuted last May in Vancouver at the annual Canadian Health Food Association trade show.

The cereal, which contains slightly different ingredients, designed to promote different properties, are packaged with innuendo heavy branding, with a hunky muscle toned male brandishing a golden spoon for the guys, whilst the blonde bombshell is seen holding a golden bowl for the girls. And what is perhaps more surprising is that this cereal is being sold in main supermarkets across Canada.

Topher Ellis, who specialises in cereal history and co-wrote the The Great American Cereal Book says: “I’m flabbergasted this is going in the mainstream market. I can’t picture it in (U.S.) grocery stores. I can picture it with a sleeve on it or behind the counter at a pharmacist.”

Both versions contain 12 ingredients, for the men, a mixture of bee pollen, black sesame, blueberries, chia seeds, goji berries and pumpkin seeds promise to help men’s performance in the bedroom, and for the ladies a combination of almonds, oats, cacao nibs, ginger, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds were found to have the same effect.

On Sex Cereal’s website, the makers say that “the Male cereal supports testosterone and energy levels, while the Female cereal was created with hormonal balance and desire in mind.”

It is thought that it is one of the more exotic ingredients in the cereal – the maca, that is responsible for the boost to your sex drive. Maca is known as “Peruvian ginseng” and is used as a remedy to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function. However, there are very few scientific studies to have tested maca’s medicinal effects.

Sex Cereal is so far, only available in Canada. See list of distributors on sexcereal.com.

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