Can Caffeine Pills Help You Get the Job Done?

Caffeine is one of the most popular drugs in modern society. It can wake you up and help you get your work done and as such, many people consume it in the form of coffee. But caffeine pills are an alternative option. Could it be the right one for you?

Caffeine sharpens up the nervous system, stimulating your central nervous system and warding off drowsiness. Most people who regularly consume caffeine do so through coffee, carbonated beverages such as cola, or tea. But caffeine pills offer a way to drug your body more directly and more quickly. So how do they stack up?

Between normal-strength caffeine pills (roughly 100mg of caffeine per tablet) and extra-strength caffeine pills (roughly 200mg of caffeine per tablet) you’re taking in as much as, or twice as much as your average cup of percolated coffee. Many people take two caffeine pills at a time, so already you’re over the coffee cup ‘limit.’ This makes caffeine pills a good way to bypass the time and effort required to drink regular coffee and wait for it to kick in.

Of course, this also makes it easier to overdose on caffeine by taking too many caffeine pills at any given time. While taking a lethal dose is very difficult – requiring you to take 80 to 100 regular-strength pills for the average adult (although the precise amount depends on your size and weight), it is very easy to take too many and thereby nullifying the positive effects the caffeine can have on your ability to stay awake. At a lower overdose, you can find yourself restless and fidgeting, with rambling thought processes. At a higher overdose, lapses in judgement begin to occur and you could be disoriented or even delusional. As such, it is very important to remember not to take too many caffeine pills.

A regular cause for an error in terms of taking too many is down to the amount of time it takes for your body to absorb and respond to the caffeine pills. Give yourself plenty of time to notice the effects and you’ll be able to let that guide you in taking more caffeine pills. You should certainly not take more than two at a time, and then you should give yourself plenty of time for the effects to become apparent and run their course.

While caffeine can have a diuretic effect and exacerbate dehydration, this is not typically an issue in people who regularly ingest it. If, however, you are not accustomed to ingesting large amounts of caffeine these can be an issue and you’ll need to take it slow both because your tolerance for caffeine will be low and overdose easier to reach, and because you will need to keep yourself well-hydrated throughout.

However, if all of these criteria are carefully balanced, then caffeine pills can be the ideal way to stay awake, whether you need to study for a test, get a project ready for work or simply wish to give yourself a bit of extra pep in the morning. If you have any pain issues, look out for paracetamol with added caffeine, which can tackle both issues at once.

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