8 of the Best Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

Now that summer and the festival season is here, it’s time to dust off that tent and get ready for camping. There’s nothing better than waking up outdoors to the smell of a fry-up in the morning. But the problem is that your convention pots and pans don’t really travel well on the road. For a start, if you are hiking they are way too heavy, and if you are driving you need space-saving utensils.

That’s where camping cookware sets come into their own. Usually, they are compact and lightweight. When choosing your set, think about how many of you will be camping and the type of camping trip (if you are hiking you might want a fairly robust set that can take a few knocks and bumps). Also, the type of cooking you’ll be doing. Will it be one-pot warming or frying-ups? How many pots and pans do you need and in what sizes? And finally, consider sets that come with a kettle, as it makes boiling water a lot easier.

Here are our recommendations:

Vango Hard Anodised Adventure Cook Kit, 2-4 people: £26.11

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

A lightweight set of pans that customers agree are pretty non-stick and very easy to clean. Would suit a family of two adults and two children as you can just about fit 8 small sausages in the frying pan. A nice robust carry bag is included.

Sea To Summit STS X-SET 32 POT, 2 people: £99.00

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

This is a genius design from Sea to Summit. The set consists of a pot, a pan and a kettle but in a unique folding style which means all the items pack down into the frying pan which has a height of just 50mm.

Eurohike Family Feast Cook Set, 4-6 people: £30.00

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

Perfect for large families, we suggest two adults and four children. The set contains 1 x 3L pot, 1 x 2L pot and 1 x 1.5L pot, a 1L kettle and a frying pan. All made from lightweight but hardwearing aluminium.

GreensKon Camping Cookware, 2-3 people: £22.99

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

This is a lovely little set of pots that have been designed just for camping. It includes a pot with a lid, a frying pan, a kettle, plastic bowls, and a mesh carry bag. Made from aluminium, it is lightweight and perfect for just chucking into the boot of a car or a backpack. The handles fold around the pans and the pans stack on top of each other.

Hi-Gear Basecamp 6 Cook Set, 4+ people: £57.99

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

A hard-wearing set of pans that is ideal for a large family. It includes a nice big 1.1L pot and three smaller ones and a frying pan. You also get 6 plastic bowls. Made with anodised aluminium.

QUECHUA Hiker’s camp MH 100 stainless + anti-stick coating 4 people 3.5L: £39.99

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

This set of camping pans has been designed by people who obviously love to camp. The innovative design includes one pan, a frying pan, four bowls and mugs, cutlery for four, a lid that also strains the liquid and the table mat serves as a carry bag. Ingenious. Every space and item is put to good use. We love it!

Outwell Fiesta Pan Cooking Set, 2-4 people: £29.50

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

What we like about this camping cooking set is that the lid actually fits all the pans, including the frying pan. The set includes two pots and the frying pan with a handle that attaches onto each pan. Comes with a mesh carry bag.

Biolite KettlePot, 1 person: £47.00

Camping Pots and Pan Cookware Sets

This is an ingenious product from Biolite and its ideal for one person. It is a kettle/pot combo that allows you to brew a hot drink or cook a meal in the same pot.  Essentially, it’s a pot that pours like a kettle. Great for solo backpackers and hikers.

Featured Image Credit: Titanium Camping Cookware


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