Why Camper makes the coolest, quirkiest shoes

Why Camper makes the coolest, quirkiest shoes

I have always loved Camper shoes. From when I was a teenager and saved up to buy my first pair of ‘twins’, with flowers on each shoe but in different colours. People would stop me and ask where I got my shoes from and I would always tell them, knowing that they would look them up and be astounded at the price. Of course, I purchased mine second-hand from eBay but I never let on.

These days Camper has collaborated with many famous designers, including Rachel Comey, Bernard Wilhelm and more, but now they are getting ready to release their summer collection, we have decided to pick out our favourites to show you.

Here’s a selection from Camper that proves they make the coolest and quirkiest shoes:

Oruga - £70

if you want to stand out from the crowd then these sandals feature primary colours in a playful design with a sporty feel. They are made using a technical fabric with a rubber sole, they are also lightweight and very flexible. Sizes in 2 – 8.

Twins K400195-001 - £99

Gorgeous pair of classic Campers here in a light cream with delicate flower prints that are miss-matched on each pair. The outer is made from leather and the inside features a soft fabric for cushioning. In sizes 2 – 9.

Twins K2OO310-001 - £99

Slip on mule types that feature contrasting colours that mix and match on each pair. Comfort is matched by style as the shoes fit easily and are a cinch to get on and off. Sizes in 3 – 8.

Twins K200324-006 - £110

Classic Camper, contrasting yet complimentary, these shoes are the opposite of each other and feature hessian style fabric in orange and pink which is reversed on the other shoe. Rubber sole bottom and sizes in 2 – 8.

Bowie - £120

Stylish, unique, one-of-a-kind. Much like the singer, these shoes are both elegant and refined and give a beautiful shape to your feet. They feature an elasticated heel band at the back for comfort and to make sure of correct sizing. Sizes in 2 – 9.

Dessa Purple – £125

Dessa Purple - £125

Gorgeous platforms here with a thick rubber sole in black and a line of red with a super soft purple suede upper and cut out toes. 57% leather. In sizes 2 – 8.

Dessa Leather - £130

These platforms are so stylish and likely to become your go-to shoes as they are so versatile. Smooth nubuck leather in a fashionable tan colour and comes with a cushioned insole. In sizes 2 – 8.

Marta – £145

Marta - £145

Functional yet atheistically pleasing, these shoes feature unique cut outs and are based on the chunky footwear worn by the Spanish. The heavy rubber sole imitates the heel on an espadrille. Sizes in 2 – 8.

Eckhaus Latta - £185

Camper Together with Eckhaus Latta for Spring/Summer 2017 is the second collaboration with the American designers. This time the duo infuses a chunky, slip-on sandal with ribbed knitwear and an avant-garde aesthetic.

Eckhaus Latta - £199

These are so unusual you are bound to get questioned on what make they are and where you can buy them. Features a knitted rib exterior with twined rope running around the whole shoe, complete with chunky heels and a bright yellow insole.  In sizes 3 – 8.

All shoes available from camper.com

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