Camera Gadgets You Should Be Snapping Up

If cameras are something you’re interested in, you know that camera gadgets for both video and still cameras are abundantly available. But how can you work out which of these gadgets are worth buying? Don’t worry – we did some of the legwork for you. Read on and you’ll find plenty of gadgets that can come in handy, whether film or photography is your passion.

If you have a Veho Muvi micro DV camcorder, the Veho Muvi extreme sports pack is for you. Do you ever wish you could film everything from your point of view? Whether you want it for mountain-biking, bungee jumping, or simply for a novel way to record a wedding from the best man’s arm, you can use the Veho Muvi extreme sports pack to make sure you catch all the action from right amid the fray. With a variety of solutions that can help you set up your camera for hands-free action in practically any situation, this pack is excellent value for money at less than twenty pounds.

Speaking of mini cameras, the mini DV camera is a bargain at under twenty-five pounds. With 30 frames per second and a capacity of up to 8GB with the addition of a mini SD card, this unit can help you capture special moments in a discreet way. Ideal for situations where you don’t want it known that you’re filming, or times when you need to travel lightly but still want to take along a camera. You’ll be able to get your films off the camera by plugging it into the USB port or by using an SD card adapter for a mini SD card if you should choose to use one. Definitely an excellent purchase for anyone who might need a video camera without wanting all the bulk and weight of a conventional one.

Almost anyone has a digital photo frame nowadays – even my technophobe mother-in-law has one, although I can’t make her understand that the photos are actually held on the SD RAM card and she insists on bringing the entire frame along every time I tell her I’ve got some new photos for her. The digital photo and video album costs a hundred pounds, and while that may seem expensive there is a crucial difference – it will also play your videos, so you can use it not only to show off your photographic skills but also to show off films you’ve shot of personal or professional events. Certainly worth a look!

Finally, if you’ve been into photography for some time, you will have dealt with the frustration of having to convert your old analogue photos to a digital format, especially when all you have is the negatives. But this no longer has to trouble you – the new film to SD scanner resolves all these issues for less than 85 pounds. A steep outlay? Not exactly, if all your childhood memories suddenly become available to you again! You don’t even need a computer, as the scanner will scan your negatives straight to SD. The scanner will let you view the photo before saving it and even contains functionality allowing you to clean them up as you go. Finally, all your memories can be shared online and protected from wear and tear on your computer!

Photography and video shooting are popular hobbies. Why not enhance your enjoyment of your favourite activity with these handy gadgets?

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