7 of the Best Calming Products for Pets on Firework Night

This weekend you can expect bangs, flashes and pops of bright lights. It is Firework’s Night on November 5th and we celebrate by burning bonfires and letting off fireworks. The problem is that for our pets this can be a frightening experience. The unpredictable nature of the loud bangs and flashes of light can cause the calmest of pet to be anxious. However, you can prepare your pets for Firework Night with a number of different products. Some work with scent, others with noise and some by creating a gentle pressure.

Here are our recommendations for the best calming products for pets on Firework Night:

Beaphar Calming Spot-On Dog 3 x 7ml: £4.59

How it works: Spot on application to animal

Calming Products for PetsThis calming product contains a natural herb Valerian which is renowned for reducing stress and anxiety. It is perfectly safe to use on animals and easy to apply. Just use it as you would flea treatment; part the fur on the back of the neck and apply directly to the skin. One treatment lasts a week. Scores 5 stars from the majority of users.

Feliway® Diffuser: £15.65

How it works: Scent Diffuser

Calming Products for PetsThis is a plugin diffuser that emits a pheromone throughout the house. It works by mimicking the natural pheromones a cat will deposit when they are stressed to calm themselves. Cats do this to mark their territory and it makes them feel settled. One vial lasts for about 4 weeks in an average-sized room.

Pet Remedy Calming Spray 15ml: £3.36

How it works: A spray for bedding

Calming Products for PetsThis is a water-based spray that contains calming Valerian. Spray on your pet’s bedding, or onto your fingers and massage your pet gently.

Thundershirt The Best Solution For Dog Anxiety: £30.00

How it works: A coat that provides comforting pressure

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Calming Products for PetsSurveys show that by applying a gentle but constant pressure has a calming effect on dogs. It is rather like being under a thick blanket, they feel secure and it has a dramatic effect on the most anxious of dogs.

Mark & Chappell VetIQ Serene-UM Drops 100ml: £6.16

How it works: A natural food supplement in drop form

Calming Products for PetsThese drops contain a variety of calming ingredients that can easily be dropped into your pet’s food. There are amino acids that regulate serotonin production and dopamine boosters, all of which have a calming effect without sedation.

RelaxoPet ECO Version For Dogs & Cats: £43.32

How it works: Emits relaxing frequencies

Calming Products for Pets

This is a Kickstarter project that works by emitting certain frequencies, not audible to the human ear, but extremely relaxing to animals. Each animal has its own frequency which you can pre-set. There is a noise detection switch which turns the device on automatically when the owner is not there. So any loud noises will trigger the device to start. Lots of good reviews from happy customers who originally backed the project. Works on dogs, cats and even horses.

AL7 CalmAid Supplement (50): £21.99

How it works: A salmon-flavoured supplement containing calming ingredients

Calming Products for PetsThis is an easy way to calm your pet; these salmon-flavoured treats contain Valerian to calm, amino acids which convert to serotonin (the happy hormone) and green tea extract which boosts dopamine. They are in capsule form so you can give them whole if your pet will eat them, or open the capsules and sprinkle on food.


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