Top Apps download for iPad 2

Not know what I am talking about? If you do you probably already own an iPad 2 and are crazy about the hundreds of amazing Apps  that feature on this incredible device.

So I am not going to regale you with descriptions of the iPad 2’s super sleek thin design. Or tell you that Apple have ramped up the memory and put in a new dual core CPU. For me, the iPad 2 is all about the Apps.

You don’t have to be a nerdy geek to be able to appreciate the fantastic variety of applications Apple have created. It’s exactly how the advert says – think of anything you want to do and, “There’s an App for that.”

Another great thing is most Apps are not expensive, some really good ones are even free. Which is good as you can easily become addicted to buying them or in fact to one particular game, hence the title.

Angry Birds is an iconic game on the Iphone which transferred across to the iPad 2 with its enhanced graphics, takes on a whole new dimension.

iPad 2


So what are the best Apps out there? Well, for everyday use there is ‘Flipboard’. An amazing App that turns websites such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay etc into a glossy looking magazine with pages you can turn. Best of all it’s free.


If music is your thing try ‘GarageBand’. This really is what the iPad 2 was designed for. The software incudes eight recorded tracks of audio and instruments and allows mixing, adjusting levels, adding amps and much more.

You can create your own songs and tracks with their standard array of pianos, guitars and drums and then there is a new piece of software called ‘Smart Instruments’ which allows you to actually play the instrument of your choice.


Fancy yourself as a budding film maker? How about ‘iMovie’? An innovative App that once you’ve called Action! you can then transfer your work onto the many movie templates, use the software effects to polish it up and it’s all in HD. Post your work onto YouTube and perhaps Spielberg will take notice.

Angry Birds Game

Camera Boost

One point to recognise with the iPad 2 is, although it now has a camera, word is it is quite basic and a lot of customers have been disappointed with it. No problem, we have an App for that. Download ‘Camera Boost’ and your pictures can be sharpened, lightened, any flaws deleted and special effects added.

There is the additional point that is it cumbersome to take pictures with the tablet so why Apple decided to add a camera is not known.

Games are probably the most downloaded Apps on the iPad 2 and we have to mention Angry Birds. With its bright cartoon coloured characters and hours of game-play, this iconic game sits firmly at the top of the itunes store and for good reason.

Use the awesome power of the Angry Birds to get through 225 levels including destroying the pig’s castle for stealing the birds eggs. Hours of fun!


Shortsighted? Want new glasses but cannot see to buy them? Get ‘EyeDispense’. An amazing App that opticians are actually buying to improve their services to customers. Take a picture with the iPad 2 camera, then using the software choose between hundreds of pairs of glasses until you find the ones that suit you. Simple and innovative. Exactly what the iPad 2 stands for.

ETRADE Mobile Pro

For the business people out there you have to get ‘ETRADE Mobile Pro’. This App allows you to trade on the stock market in real time, on the go, where ever you are and gives you streaming real time quotes and live commentary.

etrade mobile pro

This really is an apps technology at its most cutting edge. The very best of design, meets sophistication, using the latest hardware to create the ultimate in user friendly devices. The competitors can only watch and weep.

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