Caitlyn Jenner reveals Make-Up collaboration with MAC

It’s hard to believe that it is a mere 18 months since Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, with the caption ‘Call Me Caitlyn’. It was her way of introducing herself to the world, and what a way to do it. Shot beautifully by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, inside we got to know all about Olympic champion Bruce and his gender dysmorphia and subsequent transition into Caitlyn.

Now Caitlyn has decided that she wants to share her journey of transition, not just with fellow transgender followers, but with everyone. To this end, she has teamed up with MAC, to now champion All Ages, All Races and All Sexes, with a make-up collection that is classically elegant and sophisticated.

This collection does not feature any garish shades or dramatic colour palettes, instead there are wonderfully chic and classic hues that would suit just about everybody.

Gorgeous creamy lip shades in timeless colours that will never go out of fashion, eyeshadow palettes that work for both the office and evening, and all packaged in luxurious gold and black cases.

We especially like the way Caitlyn has created this collection to suit the widest range of people. It has everything you need for a simple make-up collection.

You have the perfect range of colours in the eyeshadows, from ash browns, golds and rich plums, to lipstick in neutrals such as deep red, hot red and a basic nude.

Then there’s the eye liner in metallic bronze which is sure to become a make-up bag staple, as is the half-strip lashes.

This is the second time Caitlyn Jenner has collaborated with MAC. Last February she created a lipstick called Finally Free with all the proceeds going to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative. She tweeted that, thanks to the sales of the lipstick, a total of $1.3M had been donated to 21 trans organizations within the USA.

Caitlyn spoke about why she decided to work with MAC in the first place:

‘MAC was the first to come to me, and a company, I realized, would really make a big commitment.’ she said.

Caitlyn Jenner’s 15 piece Make-up Collection will be available on 5th January from MAC Cosmetics.

Here are all the items in the collection:

Rich, pigmented colour in three limited-edition shades.

Metallic bronze that provides a rich colour and full coverage across the eyes.

  • #30 Lashes – $17.Great versatility with these lashes, build them up for a more dramatic look or keep it subtle with just a free individual ones.

Creamy and rich colours that glide on giving full coverage adding moisture.

Highly pigmented and full of colour, these lip glosses give a high-shine and glossy finish.

Lip pencils used for defining and shaping the lips that come in two different shades.

Two shades of light powder blush, one is a bronze colour, the other a peachy pink.

Face powder that minimises oily texture and gets rid of shine, leaving a natural look.

*All images courtesy MAC.

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