Caffeine: A New Wake Up for Skin?

The First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller

Coffee is generally thought of as the drink that perks us up in the morning and readies us for the day ahead. Now however, new research is showing that caffeine can not only wake you up but can have remarkable effects on your skin as well. A caffeine based eye serum is being hailed as the new beauty miracle treatment which can remove crows feet, dark circles under the eyes and and puffy bags. But does it really work? Can coffee based products really wipe years of fatigue and wrinkles off your face in a single roller ball action?

The First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller, which has a metal roller ball and was featured on Tyra Banks US chat show sold out online on the Boots website and now has a waiting list of over 4000 people in the UK alone. Products which contain a metal roller ball naturally feel cooling to the eye area and can help to soothe the delicate skin around the eye. This may decrease the amount of  puffiness under the eyes. Also the rolling action helps to drain the tiny lymph nodes and channels under the eyes which will again lessen the puffy effects. The caffeine in these products will stimulate the flow of blood in these areas in the micro capillaries which in turn make the skin look brighter and fresher. This helps to reduce dark circles and the other ingredients which include witch hazel and methyl lactate promote a slight tingling sensation to provide a lift to this area.

audrey - dailymail.co.ukaudrey - dailymail.co.uk

Garnier launched their Caffeine Eye Roll On in 2008 and since then this has become one of their best sellers. The metal ball has an instant cooling effect and customers immediately think that there must be some sort of effect taking place. Audrey Thompson, a 39 year old PA from Surrey, who tried the First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller said she noticed an instant lift and ‘was amazed. Everyone said how much younger and more awake I looked. It’s been the only thing that has worked for me.’ She thought her bags and dark circles were so bad that she may have needed surgery. Others are less convinced. The ingredients in these roller ball products can have a temporary effect as they contain glycerin which moisturises and mica which is a light reflective substance to instantly conceal fine lines. Claire Coleman from the Daily Mail commented ‘This isn’t a bad product, but it hasn’t made my dark circles just fade away and I’ve yet to find a skincare product that can.’ For most people, getting a good nights sleep and drinking plenty of water will have the same effects as well as using a good concealer under the eyes but, as current waiting lists show, some people do love the new roller eye products.

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