8 of the Best Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers

In the age of convenience and the coffee machine, you might be surprised to learn that the humble cafetiere is making a comeback. Some people think this is down to the fact that coffee machines use non-recyclable coffee pods which end up in landfills. The joy of the cafetiere, of course, is that you can compost the grounds once you’ve finished with them. An altogether much more environmentally friendlier option. So which one is best? The last thing you want is gritty coffee because the plunger has allowed coffee grounds to pass through. Another factor to consider is the size and whether you want a thermal exterior to keep your coffee warm. And don’t forget to check out our best coffee grinders recommendations.

Here are our recommendations:

Von Shef 8 Cup Copper French Press: £12.99

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers Von Shef goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent cafetiere. This is a classic design made from toughened glass with a copper construction and heat-resistant handle. Makes up to 8 cups and comes in a gift box.

BODUM Chambord Coffee Maker, 350ml: £32.00

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers Bodum is synonymous with coffee-making and this original design has a few upgrades. There’s now a spill-proof lid which you can twist and block off the spout when needed. The handle is heat-resistant and the chrome plating is designed to last for years. Bodum states that this makes 3-4 cups but 350ml is around a mugful so it depends what type of coffee you are brewing.

Coffee Gator Cafetiere Coffee Maker, Grey, 1L: £38.99

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers Made from military-grade steel, this product keeps coffee warm for up to an hour thanks to its double-layer vacuum sealed walls and lid. A sturdy and heavy-duty cafetiere, well made with lots of happy customers. Available in a variety of different colours including green, orange, pink and stainless steel.

Royal Doulton Coffee Studio French Press, 1560ml: £48.00

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers A stylish porcelain cafetiere here from Royal Doulton that has a lovely glazed finish. What we liked the most about this product is that you can buy replacement filters (arguably the thing that breaks first and most frequently). A sturdy product with a designer look that makes around 8 cups.

Cooks Professional Double Walled Cafetière, 1L: £27.99

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers Stainless steel design that has its own scoop and clip for coffee bags. It is insulated and keeps coffee warm and has a cool-touch handle.

Espro P7 Black Cafetiere, 550ml: £105.00

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers This cafetiere is at the top end of our budget but with good reason. It features a double filter which means no chance of any grounds escaping into your brew. It filters your coffee twice so you get all the flavour and none of the bits. It is vacuum insulated so it keeps your coffee warm and the parts separate it’s also easy to clean. If you don’t like this limited edition matt black version there is a stainless steel option too. Makes 6-8 cups

Stellar 3 Cup Matt Double Wall Insulated Cafetiere: £24.50

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers You get a lifetime guarantee with this cafetiere that boasts an unbreakable design. It has double-walled insulation to keep your coffee warm once brewed, it is made from stainless steel and you can bung it in the dishwasher. There are also replacement filters available. Again it is described as a 3 cup cafetiere but we reckon this is around the size of a mugful.

ProCook Double Walled Stainless Steel Cafetiere, 600ml: £28.00

Cafetieres and French Press Coffee Makers Made from stainless and featuring a double-wall to keep your coffee warmer for longer. Unlike glass cafetieres, steel doesn’t break and is much more robust. This is a contemporary style and you can get replacement filters. Available in two sizes, 350ml or 600ml.





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