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If you have ever lusted after contemporary European accessories for your home such as lighting shades, pottery, plates and dishes, vases, kitchenware, stuff for kid’s rooms, and even food and stationary, but could never find it under one website, your dreams have been answered. Cachette.com is a brand new website which specialises in all things beautiful from across the English Channel. Created by Stephen and Delphine, an Anglo-French couple who, after spending 10 years living and working in London, decided to move to the South of France to start a new life and here they began their new business. The premise is easy to understand; they wanted to sell things of simple beauty that have an everyday use in the house, from homeware, stationery, to bathroom utensils, to fine gourmet food and kids’ toys. And best of all, nothing on the site is produced on an industrial scale and 90% of products in the shop are made in Europe.

All very well and good but what do you actually get when you go browsing? Well, the shop a delightful mix of timeless, simple, functional products and colourful, playful finishing touches. You can see that Delphine and Stephen have selected products that are in particular, uncomplicated and designed to their simplest perfection. As a couple of foodies, there is undoubtably a great range of diverse food stuffs to really tickle your taste buds and not readily available on this small island. So whether you want an authentic Seville Marmalade or an olive pate, you’ll find it here. This is a cool site for people who just love the simpler things in life, but with a touch of European charm and class. I have selected some of my favourites as usual, to give you a heads up on the site. Enjoy!

Stoneware Box – €25,00

Handmade stoneware lidded box. Available in matt black or glossy shaded white (a little darker than off white). Sourced from a ceramic manufacture in Provence, South of France, which has been firing its clay into beautiful hand-made everyday stoneware objects since 1857. Still today they manage to produce pieces that are long-lasting and surprisingly good value for hand-made. Dimensions small box: height 7.5cm diam 11cm . Dimensions large box: height 13cm diam 11cm.

Box 15 Chalks – €7,00

A small box (10x8x2cm) containing 15 quality chalks in lovely colours that make a nice change from the mass produced chalks you see everywhere. 5 white chalks + 10 coloured chalks. Made in France.

Marseille Soap – €3,50

Authentic Marseille soap by the only remaining soap maker in Provence, Marius Fabre. Still producing them in cauldrons, these soaps contain 72% olive oil and leave the skin nice and soft. Available in 100g or 400g cube. Made in France. Choice of 2 sizes.

Pebble Necklace Blue – €39,00

Less than 30 of these were made…Stunning long necklace created from vintage kimono fabric, folded and stitched to form a strong ribbon, bound with organic fairtrade cotton and supporting a row of five large handmade ceramic beads. Dimensions Width (fabric section): approx. 1.3cm Total length: approx. 81cm. Made in the UK.

Table Dustpan & Brush – €32,00

Swedish designed handcrafted table dustpan and brush in oiltreated beech wood and horsehair. 14.3cm at its widest and 11.5cm height. Made in Europe. As seen in the Daily Mail.

White Enamel Cutlery – €12,00

This is on our own wishlist for our home! Finished by hand, this cutlery collection is made of metal and then enamelled in immaculate white. It’s not too light or too heavy, just perfect. For cutlery, it’s unusually tactile and soft to the touch! They are dishwasher safe. Each piece might be slightly different due to the artisan finish. As seen in Elle Decoration (December 2011 french edition) Available in : teaspoon, spoon, fork (knife not available but we recommend combining the set with other knifes that are coming soon in our shop!) Made in Spain.

Pistou – €7,00

Pistou must not be confused with the Italian pesto as there are some very distinct and important differences as we have been told. Pistou contains only basil, garlic, olive oil, salt and lemon juice. No cheese or pine nuts here. Perfect with pasta or rice, to garnish salads or mixed with garlic and tomatoes to make ‘soup au pistou’. Made in France (just down the road from us) – weight – 180g.

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