Cabelas Outdoor Adventures – Description and Review

Cabelas Outdoor Adventures

If you want to do virtual hunting, then Cabelas Outdoor Adventures is a good video game for you, although it may not be the perfect option around.  This video game allows you to operate vehicles and choose gear as you go about hunting and fishing in several exotic locations.

The actions and sports game is available in several platforms including PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Microsoft Windows.

The Advantages of Cabelas Outdoor Adventures

First off, it is pretty much a fast-paced mini-game.  The series of actions keeps you engaged, if pressing buttons repeatedly does not annoy you.

You can expect the game to be the opposite of a real hunting scenario where you have to prepare long and hard for the hunt, proceed to the woods, and again wait long and hard for the game, which you may or may not catch by the way.

Second, there are checkpoints where you get to save the game.  So when your attempt at shooting an animal fails, you can easily and quickly replay that point.

Again, the pace of the game is relatively speedy, so moving from one point to another is not a problem not to mention that a lot of things are already happening in the first few opening seconds.

The Disadvantages of the Cabelas Outdoor Adventures

Aside from the fact that the game’s speed has picked up with its latest version, there is nothing much to be expected from this hunting video game.

Basically, there are many annoying things going on as you move from one hunting location to another.  Some of the disturbance comes from the hunting guide who pops up now and then to instruct you where to move next.  Then too there is the equally annoying design that affects the major advantage of the game – speed.

Although you can automatically direct your character to a specific location on the map through the Garmin, expect to be stopped on track because of irksome obstacles that do not have definite forms.  Cabelas Outdoor Adventures forces you to find pre-designed paths instead of working your way through the invisible obstacles.

Next, the fishing part is way too boring.  This is the downside of a multi-featured game.  The game promises to be a hunting-and-fishing game in one, but it falls short of providing a really commendable and challenging fishing adventure.  The fishing part is basically just about trying to get your boat to a specific part of the lake, set down your buoy and back off a little bit, and then cast out your fishing line.  Catching fish is very easy, quick and definitely dull.

All in all the Cabelas Outdoor Adventures game is a hunting and fishing video game that you can consider if you do not mind some annoyances along the way.

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