Buying the Sofa You Want with the Budget You Have

Buying a new sofa is exciting, but easily becomes a very expensive proposition. Of course you’re not just adding to your sitting experience but also to your colour scheme and decorative system. As such, you could end up spending far more than you’re actually spending on the sofa. But by carefully considering every decision you can avoid spending more than you have and even spread the cost over the course of a few years.

Match colour scheme

The easiest way to integrate a new sofa into your home is by purchasing one that will match the colour scheme already present.

Make that your first priority, looking for a sofa you like in terms of comfort (don’t underestimate the importance of sitting on sofas in the decision-making process!) and trying to find one that will fit in with your current colour-scheme.

If, however, you are patently unable to find one then there are ways to circumvent expensive re-decorations whilst still obtaining the sofa you want.

Using Fabric that suit your sofa

The simplest solution, of course, is to buy a few chunks of fabric that suit your sofa and use them to add to your room after painting it white or magnolia with the least expensive emulsion you can find. Sewing up a few throw pillows, recovering a chair or even recovering a few cheap canvases with a matching fabric can pull a room together very quickly.

Buy the sofa on credit

However, another option is to buy the sofa on credit – a function offered by DFS and many other sofa chains – and spend your sofa budget on redecoration.

If the colour scheme you’ve come out with could be complementary to your existing one, you can also work it in and bring in highlights of that colour in other places.

For example, a green sofa in a predominantly beige and brown room can be made to suit by adding a couple of matching little vases or a relevant abstract painting echoing the green. If your carpet clashes and you can’t afford to replace it, you can buy a large rug to cover most of it up.

By carefully placing furniture you can help to cover up the clashing carpet and many guests will not notice this trick. Perfect? No, but you can pull it off until you manage to set aside the money for new carpet.

Buying a sofa can throw your entire decorative scheme out of whack in addition to being pricy and stressful. But if you carefully consider your options you can get it sorted without paying an arm and a leg.

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