Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift

Buying the perfect wedding gift is every wedding guest’s dream. But figuring out what is the right gift for the married-couple-to-be is a bit harder than expected, and it can be very difficult to find something to suit both the newlyweds and your wallet. Why not consider these tips when choosing a wedding gift for friends or family?

If you have trouble bringing a lot of money to the table, there are options that will allow you to contribute without going off the registry. On one hand, you could gather up a bunch of friends and club together for a big-ticket item. On another, if the registry is with a shop that sells gift certificates, those can help the newlyweds buy whatever they like. You know they’ll use it, as they clearly enjoy the shop, and they’ll be able to put it toward any item that isn’t bought for them in advance. It allows you to give them something more personal than cash and more generous than nothing.

Of course, there is always the problem of couples who don’t have a registry. While this is exceedingly polite of them, it can be awkward if you do wish to buy them a present. Liaise with them and see if you and other friends or family members can club together and pay for their stay in a honeymoon suite at a nearby hotel, or ask them if you can contribute to other parts of their honeymoon.

Making a gift personal can be very important. Many couples choose to register, which allows you to be sure you’re buying something they will enjoy and want. But if you have trouble buying because you don’t know the couple and their registry is either not within your budget or non-existent, you can buy something very generic and personalise it in a new way. A bottle of champagne is a wonderful present for anyone, and personalising it with the names of the couple is not only possible but inexpensive.

If you want to buy something the couple will remember forever, consider an experience voucher. Good friends who love spa days or extreme sports can easily be purchased a voucher for a day out being pampered or experiencing a new sport such as Zorbing or fell walking. While unconventional, this could be the perfect wedding present for your friends and you should definitely consider whether or not it is a possibility when trying to find the perfect wedding present for someone close to you and shooting blindly without a registry to guide you.

If your couple has asked not to be given presents but instead asks for a donation to a charity or a honeymoon fund, don’t be tempted to feel it won’t be personal enough. These requests are always made with some thought behind them, and while it can seem rude to follow them, it is in fact quite rude to go against them. It is difficult enough for people to articulate their wishes, as this is often seen as rude nowadays, and when they ask for such contributions they generally do so because they truly want them.

Getting a wedding present is one of the best parts of preparing for a wedding. Don’t stress – use these handy tips to find the perfect present and enjoy the wedding. After all – it’s a free party!

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