Buying Sunglasses to Suit Your Face

We all know about dressing to flatter our figure, but pop the wrong style of sunglasses on your face and it can ruin your whole outfit. As you have a haircut to enhance your particular best features and minimise your less flattering ones, so sunglasses can work in a similar optical way. Sunglasses can balance irregular proportions and make a fashion statement at the same time and with so many fabulous pairs out there, you’d be hard pressed not to find a great style that doesn’t make you look amazing. Before you go hunting, check out our super tips for styling sunglasses to suit your face.

Large head

If you have a larger than average head, the current trend of over sized sunglasses styles will make your face look smaller by comparison so head for the glamorous section and look for huge 60’s style lenses with extra detailing. Make sure your sunglasses fit you properly as you will get indents where the arms press against your cheeks and stay away from tight fitting smaller sunglasses, they may give you a headache and will not look flattering.

Flower Temple Large Rectangle Plastic Sunglasses – £15.00

Oversized glamorous plastic sunglasses, metal flower and diamante side detail. From Accessorize.

Small head

Don’t think that by wearing larger framed sunglasses you will make your face appear larger, the reverse is in fact true. Aim for smaller sunglasses that do not overwhelm your face and avoid any over sized and elaborate designs will fussy details. You want simple and plain designs that fit you snugly and do not hang loosely off your face.

Pearly Crystal Reader – £14.00

Medium glamorous plastic sunglasses, taupe pearlised finish, gold metal temple detail. From Accessorize.

Apple cheeks

Face that have full apple cheeks look larger across the width of the face so choose sunglasses with frames that are wider than they are taller, this will help to decrease the fullness away from your face and the sunglasses won’t bang against your cheeks when you wear them. To ensure they are fitted comfortably, make sure they rest on your nose and not your cheeks.

Tort Brow Metal Aviator Sunglasses – £15.00

Classic Aviator shape, tort print metal front detail, brown graduated lens. From Accessorize.

Wide bridge

Try sunglasses with styles that have a little more space between the lenses. You are aiming to make your nose look a bit narrower so go for sunglasses that dip in the middle to help balance out the proportions. You could also look into buying sunglasses with built in nose pads for a more tailor made fit.

Metal Flash Neon Visor Sunglasses – £16.00

Medium Metal Visor, pink top band detail, polished gunmetal coloured frame.

Final tips

Always choose a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. There is so much press and media attention about being prepared in the sun for skin damage and being aware of skin cancer but little information about protecting our eyes. When buying sunglasses you should seek out the British Standard number of BS EN1836:1997 which shows that the sunglasses you are buying are fully equipped to protect you against harmful UV rays. Also, if you do a lot of driving in the sun, you may consider buying a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses as these are effective in reducing the glare from the sun’s rays and greatly improve contrast to minimise eye strain.

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