Buying on eBay – Dos and Don’ts to Enhance Your Experience

When you buy items on eBay, you can get amazing savings and find items that are no longer being produced. For people building or crafting things themselves, supplies are plentiful and even car parts can be found inexpensively. Nevertheless, buying directly from people you’ve never met before can be a bit unnerving, and many people remain wary of the eBay phenomenon. So how can you be sure you’re doing it all right?

The first thing to sort out is payment method. PayPal is the safest, most secure way of paying for your purchases through eBay and is, in fact, affiliated with eBay at this date. Founded in 1998, PayPal offers a secure way for you to link your bank accounts with your PayPal account, allowing you to pay quickly and easily. The transaction is as secure as can be hoped, and gives you an undisputable paper trail in case you have an issue with a seller.

Feedback is a very integral part of the smooth, well-oiled machine that is the eBay community. Leaving helpful, informative feedback is therefore important, especially if you have experienced an issue with a seller. As sellers are no longer able to leave negative feedback for buyers, you don’t need to fear reprisals in the form of poor feedback.

Feedback is an excellent method of figuring out whether you should buy from a specific seller or not. If their feedback is good, you will be able to determine that they tend to send off their items, accurately describe the condition of the items they are selling, and communicate well with buyers. That said, any percentage of positive feedback over 95% is acceptable and should be seen as a reasonable judge of their abilities and policies, unless all the negative feedback is clustered in the recent past.

A big worry for many people who are worried about trying eBay is what they will do if the seller does not send the item after payment has been made. However, eBay protects buyers from this by allowing you to open a case. This means they will look into why your item has not been received, and if required they will issue you with a refund so that you do not lose your money even if you fail to get the item you wanted.

It can be a bit frightening considering eBay if you have never used them before, but you don’t need to worry at all. It offers a safe and secure way to purchase items for a reduced cost, or even to find things you are unable to purchase anywhere else. Happy shopping!

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