Buying and Decorating for Your New Baby

Not finding out your baby’s sex before the birth has fallen out of favour in recent years, and yet it can be such a wonderful choice not to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl until your baby is born. One of the great concerns that drives the need to know is what colours to decorate the nursery in, and what colours to use for baby clothes and blankets. But if you work it right, unisex clothing and decorations really can work for your baby, no matter their gender!

Buying and Decorating for Your New Baby 1

Many people choose to go for colours such as purple and yellow when an unknown surprise is on the way. Green is another popular choice, and beiges and other neutrals populate the shelves at your local Babies ‘R’ Us for those uncertain of who they might be buying for. In a similar vein, you can paint your nursery in such colours and buy blankets, sheets, and other paraphernalia in unisex colours too.

If you find this method too bland, you can choose to postpone decoration of the nursery until your baby is born, and buy the bare minimum in terms of clothing and bedding. This is not a very popular option, because of the constraints on time once the baby has come along, however it can become exceedingly viable provided some conditions are met. For example, if you elect to paint the nursery using an accent wall, you can paint the entire room white or off-white during pregnancy and paint or wallpaper one wall when your baby is home. Obviously this is only a good option if the baby does not sleep in the nursery initially; having a travel cot or a Moses basket in your bedroom for the first few months allows you to make do with only a couple of changes of bedding until the nursery has been decorated and you have taken the time out to buy new bedding to suit.

Buying and Decorating for Your New Baby 2

Another, more lively option is a gender-neutral pattern or theme such as the zoo, the jungle, the alphabet, Winnie the Pooh or the circus. There are wallpapers and wallpaper borders widely available in such patterns, and you will find a wide selection of matching paraphernalia to help you prepare. Don’t buy all of your baby’s clothes in advance in any case, as sonograms are not one hundred percent reliable in terms of predicting the sex of the baby. You will find yourself stocking up on more essentials shortly after the birth no matter what you do, so no matter what your situation, it may be best to set aside some money to shop accordingly.

Keeping your baby’s sex a surprise from yourself as well as from your friends and family is a wonderful way to add to the mystique of birth. With unisex patterns or colours and careful organisation, you can make it work without sacrificing any of the fun of preparing for baby!