Buying a Carpet Shampooer: a Path to a Cleaner Home

When it comes to flooring, carpet remains very popular. While it is perhaps more difficult to keep clean than tile and other ‘moppable’ flooring options, it is warm and comfortable and allows children, pets and adults to enjoy the floor as a sitting space as well as a comfortable area to walk across. But how do you keep it clean, and could a carpet shampooer be a good idea?

Obviously, hoovering your carpets regularly is the first step to keeping them nice and clean. If you wish to refresh them a bit, products such as Shake ‘n’ Vac are available that will allow you to sprinkle a fragrant powder along the carpet and hoover it up so the scent is dispersed throughout the room.

While this is a nice way to make a room or home smell nice, don’t be tempted into believing it cleans your carpet in any way. What it does, in point of fact, is add powder to the existing dirt in your carpet. So if you’re worried about actually removing stains, or potentially the source of a poor smell, do not rely on these scent-based solutions to remove the problem.

Vanish create a range of carpet-cleaning solutions, as do 1001, which allow you to scrub your carpet and either leave it to dry or hoover up the foam which has now internalised the dirt you have released. This is certainly a good option for stains and other issues, such as a scent released by a specific substance.

If you have issues with animal urine, which can cause a recurrence of incorrect elimination (as your cat or dog will still smell the urine even after you have stopped being able to smell it), then an enzyme-based cleaner is required. The enzymes in these cleaners break down the proteins which cause the smell to linger. It is similar to a biological washing powder, but be aware that these cleansers often cause a reaction and wear a pair of Marigolds!

The great advantage to a carpet shampooer is that this device will run a large amount of water (often heated) through your carpet as you move it along. As well as scrubbers which will give your carpet a good seeing-to, this means your carpet will get a deep-down clean that you simply cannot match sitting on your knees and carting along a bucket.

Additionally, these cleaners will suck up the excess water as they go, which means your carpet needs significantly less time to dry.

Between the carpet and the underlay, it can in fact take days for a thoroughly soaked spot to dry entirely, and this alone is plenty of argument in favour of a carpet shampooer. However, they can be quite costly on their own. Instead, why not consider renting one for the weekend? You can do all of your carpets for a fraction of the cost of buying a decent carpet shampooer, and give it back at the end.

Carpet shampooers offer an unparalleled level of cleanliness and should definitely be considered the top priority in terms of giving your carpets the cleaning you really wish you could. If you do your research well and stay away of bargain basement brands, you could find yourself adding a wonderful implement to your cleaning arsenal!

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