‘Buy A Bar, Give A Bar’ with Hand in Hand Soap

Now you can smell heavenly and feel like Mother Teresa at the same time, with the help of fledging company – Hand in Hand. Hand In Hand make gorgeous smelling soaps but they do not just sell them to the public, for a start the soaps are made with sustainable resources, which are then harvested ethically, they are as eco friendly as they possibly can be, and the ingredients are not only natural, but grown in an environmentally friendly way. Hand in Hand is based on the ideologies of its two founding members – Courtney Apple and Bill Glaab, who were interested in starting a business based on sustainable giving. After coming across an article that reported on over 5 million people dying of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene, they decided to form a company not only in which soap was the main product, but with a program where every bar of soap that was purchased, another bar of soap was then donated to a child in need and a portion of all the proceeds then went to preserving 50 square feet of rainforest. Hand in Hand was born and the ‘Buy A Bar, Give A Bar’ program was created.

The Hand in Hand Soap company has been trading since 2011 and Courtney and Bill still believe that businesses should do so much more than just make money. They understood how difficult it would be to obtain funding on a regular basis however, so they directly tied charitable donations to the sale of an everyday product, their soap. Now they were able to not only give soap to those in need, but this meant that they could save lives without depending on a single donation. Courtney explains, “The goal was to come up with a household product people use every day, that had the power to save lives. After 3 years of brainstorming, we came across an article reporting that each year over 5 million people die of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene. After further research, we discovered that half of those deaths could be prevented with just a single bar of soap. It was at that moment that Hand in Hand was conceived.”

Courtney and Bill did not shirk away from their responsibility to the environment however, even though their primary mission is saving lives. They both realized the environmental responsibility that goes along with creating and selling soap. Bill says, “Understanding our environmental impact, we set out from day one to create a soap that was as eco-friendly as possible. To have a product that is truly eco-friendly, means more than just having natural ingredients. We have found that many natural soaps use ingredients that ultimately come from intentionally cleared rainforests, which was something that we wanted no part in.

Hand in Hand have obviously passed the tests as they are now certified by both the Natural Products Association and Fair Trade USA. Not only that, but all Hand in Hand soap is shipped using eco-friendly packaging, comes with a free carbon offset, and a portion of all proceeds is used to save 50 square feet of rainforest for every bar soldAnd if you are still not convinced, here’s a recap:

5 reasons to buy Hand in Hand Soap

  • For every bar purchased, we will donate a bar to help save a child’s life.
  • 50 square feet of rainforest is saved for every bar of soap sold.
  • For every bar purchased, we make a donation to help fund micro-credit loans to alleviate poverty in the US and the developing world.
  • By purchasing a Fair Trade Certified bar of soap, you are helping to improve the lives of the workers and communities who farm the raw materials to develop Hand in Hand Soap.
  • Our enriched triple milled shea butter soap is sure to be soothing to the skin and senses, gentle on our environment, and a beautiful compliment to the home.

For a limited time only, Refinery29 are offering sets of the soaps at a discounted price. You can buy a three soap set for $27 which will include 1 x white tea soap bar, 1 x orange blossom soap bar and 1 x lavender soap bar. Or you can buy the six soap set for $54 which contains two of each scents. Click the links below.

3 Soap Set / 6 Soap Set

Ingredients for the Soaps:

White Tea bar (4.5 oz): Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Rosewood Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Myrtle Oil, Sodium Citrate, Organic Shea Butter, Iron Oxide, and Titanium Dioxide.

Orange Blossom bar (4.5 oz): Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Orange Peel Oil, Cornmint Oil, Tangerine Peel Oil, Sodium Citrate, and Organic Shea Butter.

Lavender bar (4.5 oz): Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Lavender Oil, Rosewood Oil, Myrrh Oil, Sodium Citrate, Organic Shea Butter, and Titanium Dioxide.

Photography: Courtesy of Hand In Hand.

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