Built-In Storage for Built-In Convenience

Storage is great, and not a single homeowner exists who won’t agree with that thought. But it can take up a lot of room – why not build storage into your home so you can use it without taking up more room than your furniture would otherwise?

One good out-of-the-way storage spot is below the bed. Drawers and storage boxes that fit under standard size beds are freely available and will allow you to make use of this space to store blankets, clothing, shoes, or anything else you could possibly want to be out of sight but within easy reach. If this is something you’re looking at doing, then be aware that beds with built-in storage drawers are available on the furniture market and you may be able to buy them as they are. For children, this is a wonderful solution in terms of storing toys and you can definitely count on them as a great idea.

Another good solution for storage in the living room is a footstool with built-in storage; in this scenario, the top of a footstool or ottoman is also the lid, giving you access to the storage space within. Why not try this as an easy way to combine comfort and storage? A good rule is to allow your children as many toys downstairs as they can fit into the ottoman; you’ll keep the living spaces from getting cluttered up with children’s toys while still allowing your children to keep some of their toys downstairs. If this is not an option, or you have no children, consider keeping blankets, reading material or board games in there. A footstool can be a very handy storage space to have around!

Opaque storage boxes are available in a variety of patterns and colours and, when placed on your shelving, can function as a wonderful storage solution for any bits and bats you’d like to keep out of sight. If you’re mad for Ikea, then the Expedit range comes with a selection of square shelves. You can purchase a range of storage solutions for this range, including wicker boxes and zip-up fabric boxes.

Storage is always at a premium, but storing things in plain sight can make it difficult for you to keep your home clutter-free. Combine storage with the furniture you already need, and you can get rid of some of your clutter without cramping your interior décor.

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