Building Your Décor around Your Musical Instruments

If music is a big part of your life, then you like all other musicians know that your instruments can take up a lot of space. Even the rare musician who plays only one instrument often finds he has multiple examples of that instrument of different types, sizes, tonalities or even colour.

Finding storage space for instruments is impractical, and even makes it harder to play them as you’ll have to take them out each time. So why not build your home’s décor around the concept of your musical instruments?

First things first; your actual instrument or instruments. Music shops and online shops are able to sell you everything you need to display your instruments in a handy and lovely manner.

For example, a prized guitar can be hung by an unobtrusive hook designed to hang and display guitars. This allows them to provide a lovely focal point for your room, and as they are purpose-designed they will not damage your instrument in the process.

There is a variety of ways to bring the instrument into the rest of your décor. If there is a colour involved, then you can bring that colour back in the paint and the decorations you use, but this is not the end of the story.

Paintings of your instrument (or an instrument like it) could reflect the beauty of its shape. Hang them carefully to ensure there is no overload of the same imagery, but be prepared for some truly wondrous results.

Music soothes the savage beast and mesmerises most people, so the instruments which make it can have a really magical effect as a result. If you find it difficult to find existing artwork you enjoy that is themed towards your instrument, try taking some close-up photos yourself with a high-quality DSLR and have them professionally printed; a nice frame will turn these into a tasteful and gorgeous decorative tip of the hat to your instrument.

Sometimes changing the colour scheme of the photos from full colour to sepia-toned or black and white can help to add to the classiness and tone of the whole.

For musicians, musical instruments are a huge part of their lives. If this is the case for you, then don’t feel you must hide them away or find a way to store them out of sight. Make them a feature in your decorative scheme and you’ll soon find you enjoy your home more and feel more balanced with your instrument entwined so securely with your life.

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