Bug Appétit! Could Cricket Pasta be the new superfood?

cricket pastaI would like to ask you a question. Would you willingly eat insects as part of your normal diet? Now I’m no food connoisseur but I would wager a week’s wages that the majority of you would say no.

However, if I told you there was a new pasta on the market, made from cricket flour that has exceptionally high food values, would you change your mind?

One Bangkok-based company is hoping that you might. Bugsolutely has taken pasta, one of the world’s most common and easy to prepare foods, and made it using crickets.

Why are insects good for you?

There are probably some people out there that are asking the obvious question – why use crickets?

Many insects are rich in iron, calcium, vitamins B12, Omega 3 and high in protein. Crickets contain over 70% protein in their bodies and they are also very easy to produce, as they do not need much food or water. In fact, crickets require 1000 times less food and water compared to your average cow, another source of rich protein.

They also grow very quickly, and are already part of people’s natural eating patterns in Asia, South America and Africa.

For the Western world however, and arguably one of the largest consumer of meat protein, there is a stigma attached to eating insects. But research suggests that if the insects are disguised in an everyday product, more people would be willingly to try them.

There is another reason why we should be turning towards the insect world as a part of our daily diet.

cricket pasta

Why should we eat insects?

By far the largest group of all living species in the world is the insect kingdom. They make up a whopping 80% of all the world’s living organisms. But why should we eat them?

Experts predict that our planet’s growing population will put a strain on current food sources and production. For the future we need to look to other sources as a way of feeding the world.

One such solution is insects, but we have to get away from our natural disgust and reluctance to eating them.

Bugsolutely has spent months refining their Cricket Pasta and now the final product has been FDA approved and fit for consumption.

It has been manufactured using durum semolina flour, wheat flour, and cricket flour, and is available as a fusilli product. Other pasta products will be released later this year.

So the big question – what does cricket pasta taste like? It has an apparent ‘earthy’ taste and has been likened to roasted almonds. To make the pasta the crickets are processed into a fine flour, therefore eliminating the thought of eating a whole insect.

It is hoped that by processing the crickets into a flour and then using this flour to make the pasta, the Western World can overcome their cultural distaste for consuming them.

Cricket Pasta is sold in 350gm bags and costs $5.90.

If you would like to try Bugsolutely’s Cricket Pasta, it is available on their website at


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