Budgeting for a New Pet

Many people like animals, and pets are very popular in Britain specifically and the Western world in general. But when you are considering adding a new pet to your home, it can be worrisome to consider the possible costs involved. This quick breakdown will help you to determine whether or not your budget can stretch to include another furry friend.

Food and other consumables are of course the first order of the day. For a cat, this would be food and litter, and for a dog it would be food. For small rodents, we’re talking food, bedding, and something to help keep their teeth in check through gnawing. For fish, food is joined by gravel, and ongoing chemicals needed to keep the water up to par and the tank clean. Overestimate the amounts you will need to buy each pay period so as to ensure you don’t end up shortchanging yourself.

Setup costs also include the environment your pet will need; a cage, a bed, bowls, toys, brushes, leashes… The list goes on and is very particular according to which pet you decide on. Don’t skimp on this; toys may be extraneous to your life, but for a pet it can make the difference between bored and unhappy, or stimulated and cheerful.

Will your pet need grooming? If so, that can drive up the cost, too. Grooming is essential for some pets, preventing matting of the fur which can lead to serious problems down the line.

Boarding when you go on holiday can also take a healthy chunk out of your finances, and this should certainly be part of your calculations. If you don’t plan to board in a formal kennel, consider whether it will cost you extra to have your dog stay at your mum’s, or to have a petsitter keep your hamster company.

Finally there are vet costs. Spaying and neutering is a must, not only to inhibit the spreading pet population but also to improve your pet’s health and decrease or even eliminate the risks of certain diseases and cancers. Vaccinations are usually administered on an annual basis, and there is always the chance of a sudden illness or accident that can require thousands in vet care. Pet insurance may be a good option, but will also cost some money each month.

Many people look no further than the adoption fee when considering a new pet. Think further than your nose is long and ensure you have the budget available to give your new pet everything he or she will need to guarantee a healthy and happy life.

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