Bucket bag for the frequent traveler

Bucket bags - various designs

Bucket bags - various designs

Fashion trends come in all shapes and sizes indeed! Some trends like the leopard prints and the military-look inspired designs become huge among fashionistas. These trends created by well-known designers thereby become accessible to the local urban population who exhibit some street fashion. Then there are the other trends, like pleats or leather shorts, which grow as fashion statements slowly over time without becoming too obvious obsessions. Yet still noteworthy and captivating indeed! Bucket bags, the illustrious subject of today, falls into the category of trendy baggage for everyday users as well as the frequent travelers. It is for those of you who yearn for the ultra modern look keeping in mind the comfort factor as well.  It is the must-have item this season and can come in small packages as well.

A classic bucket bag

A classic bucket bag

These bags were originally created in the eighties as a way to carry four to five bottles of champagne in a bag together, making it much handy for the carrier. But now in this fashion spell, it is gaining another surge of popularity. And this time around designers have updated the bucket bags in fall’s most up to date neutral hues.  These bags have silently gained footing among the fashion conscious ladies like Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung, who have been spotted adorning the buckets bags from BLUEFLY, NEIMAN MARCUS etc. These bags are like the best of both the worlds – they store all your necessities together and also smartly get tied up to avoid any spills. These bags are not only attractive and striking, but constructive and functional too. Unlike a tote bag with top handle or a clutch bag, these bags have a long strap which means that you get all the convenience.

Customization is provided in terms of the prints, color and the size of the bucket bags. The handmade paper bucket bags are an absolute fit for any purpose. There is really a wide range of bucket bags with strong handles and are built with extreme detailing. It is the best option for gift purpose as well. There are huge options of gift bucket bags to choose from – floral paper bags, leather paper bags, mottled paper bags and other bags of materials of your choice depending on the occasion and personality. The sparkles of block prints on deep shades give the bucket bags an authentic festive feeling for the owner. It is time you make a design statement through these stylish looking graphic impression bucket bags! There is an enthralling range of bags that not only serves as an efficient accessory but also compliments your apparel very well. You can check out the trendiest ones from VERSACE, SSENCE and MULBERRY. The distinct patterns illustrate the creativity of the designers, thereby bringing alive the imagination of the buyers. From patch-work to embroidery to plain leather, there is a wide range available to choose from which encompasses all the varieties. These happening bags are perfect for a day out as well as for the people who are frequent travelers. Quality fabric is crafted into a voluminous bucket bag for the ultra space. From the classic bucket bags to the funky chic ones, they are widely used by a number of woman and girls this season.

These bags are given a bucket shape to make them seem more spacious and voluminous. The long straps for carrying the bag makes its use hassle free as your hands are unencumbered. The straps are made very strong and durable so that the weight in the bag is sustained well. The vibrant colors used for crafting these bags make them very attractive especially for occasions like a beach party. The bucket beach bags are designed in such a way that they are lightweight and easy to carry at the same time. Being spacious these bucket bags are idyllic for complete day outs. The bags serve the two-fold purpose of style as well as functionality. The comfortable shoulder straps and novel designs add an up to date practicality and realism to the fashion of bags this season. The handy styles of the bags allow you to carry your personal items conveniently and securely with enough room to find each item when required, thereby, gaining significance among the fashion chasing end people. The functionality of the bag is never compromised by the style factor. Hence advancing widespread magnitude among the people who are frequent travelers and don’t want to compromise on their trend statement. Choose for yourself from a tantalizing and alluring collection of leather bucket bags and add a splash of panache to your ensemble now!

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