Brooks Brothers launches Gatsby inspired menswear collection

This is surely a match made in heaven, as men’s retailers Brook Brothers revealed a limited edition collection, all taking inspiration from the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio

Tobey Maguire/Leonardo DiCaprio: 2011 Bazmark Film III Pty Ltd Courtesy Warner Bros

The film, directed by Baz Luhrmann, features Hollywood A listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, and the costumes worn in the film have been designed by the legendary Catherine Martin.

Carey Mulligan/Leonardo DiCaprio/Tobey Maguire

Carey Mulligan/Leonardo DiCaprio/Tobey Maguire: Scope Features

Ms Martin, who is married to Luhrmann, has been awarded two Academy Awards for Costume Design and Art Direction for Moulin Rouge!, and a BAFTA for Best Production Design on William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, amongst others.

The Great Gatsby Collection Ivory Linen Jacket

And Ms Martin reminds us that the 195-year-old outfitters – Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s book, and that the author was himself was a customer, which just adds a beautiful depth and authencity to the film. She explained to WWD: “[Brooks Brothers] also defined the collegiate style – the preppy look – which was so close to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s heart. It seemed the obvious partner to work on the creation of the men’s wardrobe.”

The Great Gatsby Collection Wool and Linen Jacket

The new clothing collection was manufactured in Brooks Brothers factories in Massachusetts and North Carolina, and will feature everything from straw boaters, wing-tipped shoes, three-piece check suits to blazers and jackets, all with a distinctive art deco feel. You can even buy a beech wood walking cane, which is based on the one Mr Gatsby carries in the film.

The Great Gatsby Collection Tipped Blazer

The film debuts next month in the U.S., and as she always does, Ms Martin spent considerable time working with archivists from Brook Brothers, designers and merchants to create an authentic look, worn by the different social classes, during the Twenties.

The Great Gatsby Collection Pink Striped Linen Jacket

And chief executive officer for Brooks Brothers, Claudio Del Vecchio, is proud of the film’s achievements. He said: “[Catherine Martin] brings F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world to life. She truly has defined the men’s wear of the Roaring Twenties with her creativity, attention to details and passion for the era.”


The Great Gatsby was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third book, published in 1925 it told the story of wealthy socialite Jay Gatsby and his life in New York society. Centred around the Jazz Age, it encapsulates the time and period of that time in social society.

The Great Gatsby Collection Burgundy Stripe Regatta Blazer

Items in the Great Gatsby Collection include a regatta blazer at $798.00, made from a wool and cotton blend, fit with narrow lapels and higher armholes, an ivory linen jacket for $698.00, which is made from linen woven and features a traditional herringbone pattern throughout, a wool and linen Jacket -priced at $698.00, made from a wool and linen blend with narrow lapels and higher armholes, and a pink striped linen jacket for $698.00, which is based on Brooks Brothers trim Fitzgerald fit, with narrow lapels and higher armholes.

To view the whole collection visit brookbrothers.com

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