Brooke Shields designs biggest make-up collection for MAC to date

Brooke Shields © MAC

Brooke Shields © MAC

A chance meeting in coffee shop lead to cosmetic brand MAC’S latest celebrity sign-up. Brooke Shields had popped in to grab a coffee in the place she usually frequented after dropping her daughters off for school or dance classes, and ran into James Gager, MAC’S senior vice president and creative director. Despite Shields having a make-up free day, the two talked about a possible collaboration and the rest, as they say, is history:

“Brooke resonates globally, and she keeps reinventing herself. She’s an ageless beauty. She’s also a mom, an actress, a model with everything happening all at once, like most modern women,” said Gager.

The 49 year-old actress got to work immediately and started looking at colours combinations and products, and was pleasantly surprised at her first meeting, when her efforts were taken seriously:

“I was smearing lipsticks and making smudges of products, tearing out ideas. I brought it to the first meeting, and the surprising thing is that they cared. I was like, ‘You’re punking me.’ They were treating me as an equal, and it encouraged me to have my vision. I’m very accustomed to taking other people’s ideas and just making them work, because that’s what you do as an actor. Or being told to ‘wear this’ or ‘show this’ as a model. So it’s always about someone else’s needs that take precedence over what is natural to me.”

To create the collection, Shields took a hard look at her own make-up, sorting out what products and colours she loved, and came up with two brand new cosmetic concepts:

“One was this really fresh-faced, cleaner, daytime look and the other was much more vampy with a big focus on the eyes, and I’m both of these things,” she explained. “I like the natural part of myself, and I like the sexier side, too. James asked me what I liked best, and I just could not make up my mind between these two very diverse looks. So I thought, ‘Maybe they’ll like one better, or say this is the one for the market.’ It was like trying to pick a wedding dress.”

Brooke Shields Icon Collection © MAC

Brooke Shields Icon Collection © MAC

MAC loved the two concepts so much that they decided to go for both:

“We got into this conversation, and every woman we know, even if they have a predominant style, definitely has two sides,” said Shields. “So we decided to highlight the richness of both of those.”

It’s not the only thing MAC decided to change; gone is the signature black product packaging, replaced instead by a tonal grey with orange accents, inspired by a personal interior design project by Shields.

The Icon Collection is MAC’s largest collection at present, with some 15 products that include an eye-shadow palette of 16 colours. Items in the collection range from just $17 to $85, with the eye-shadow palette the most expensive, but Shields has included not only a range of colours in the product, but different finishes too:

“In every palette I’ve ever bought, there always seems to be something missing — like a highlighter or a crease color. I always have to get a second one. So I wanted to make sure we got it all in one with this. The ability to vacillate between different parts of my personality — and a woman’s strengths in each — was important.”

And the woman who started the whole eyebrow trend back in the ‘80’s has included a couple of brow products in the collection, with a liner for emphasis and a gel for precision.

The collection will be on sale in North American MAC stores from Oct. 2 and will roll out internationally later in the month.

Source: WWD.

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