Should you go Bronde?

Bronde hair is where you get strands of lighter brunette and blonde hair and mix and match them so that they complement each other

It’s not brown, it’s not blonde, it is bronde. And according to Jack Howard, the international color director at the renowned Neville Hair & Beauty Salon, it is the most requested color at his salon.

“It’s the ideal combination of brown and blonde tones that’s perfect for darker-haired clients who want to get in on the blonde trend,” says Howard.

Bronde is the latest hair-color buzz word, which is even being used by British Vogue, and is set to overtake ombre and ecaille in popularity. But what exactly is it?

What is Bronde hair?

Bronde hair is where you get strands of lighter brunette and blonde hair and mix and match them so that they complement each other.  By adding highlights or lowlights in colors that are close to the original starting hair color, the resulting color is very natural.

Going bronde allows brunettes to achieve a slightly lighter look by adding highlights of blonde to the hair.  Similarly, going bronde allows blondes to go slightly darker by adding strands of brunette hair.

Depending on what the starting hair color is, bronde color options range from gold, caramels, light cappuccino browns and sandy hues.

Bronde is becoming a popular option because the nature of the highlights or lowlights enables the added strands to grow out naturally, and also to fade with time.

Who suits Bronde hair?

The clue is in the name – Bronde. Bronde essentially fuses two main colors – brown and blonde, so it ideally will suit those who have brown or blonde hair.

Bronde hair also flatters those who have warm skin tones as with this color you get a natural, sun-kissed result. If you are not sure what your skin tone is, a quick test is to turn your wrists over and look at your veins. If they are green you are likely to be warm-toned, if they are blue it is likely you are cool toned.

Bronde hair is a great way for brunettes to get a little warmth in their hair by the way of caramel highlights. It is also a good way for blondes to get a little depth by adding light browns.

What is the key to great Bronde hair?

Expert Howard says that getting a good shade of bronde relies on painting the highlights on freehand. This gives a more natural look. Howard suggests that strands should be painted through the hair, but that the color should be softer near the mid-section and thicker towards the ends.

“Just make sure you don’t have too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends. This colour is great for people who don’t want to completely take the plunge and go either way (full blonde or full brunette) and great for natural brunettes who want a little bit of lightness,” he says.

Going bronde should naturally balance out your original shade and is a great way to experiment with lighter shades, without going too drastic.

It is important to discuss with your hair consultant which shade you want to focus on before you commit to going bronde.

Why should you go Bronde?

Howard says that for brunettes who have mousey brown hair, going bronde can make the hair look more radiant.

“Darker brunettes always struggle with orange or brassy highlights,” Howard explains. “This is a healthier approach to lightening the hair.”

The other great point about going bronde is that it requires little maintenance.

“With balayage, you don’t get an obvious regrowth like with foils. If you stick to color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and regular masques, you will love the way it grows out,” Howard says.

Celebrity bronde fans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo, and Jennifer Lopez.

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