Bringing Positivity into Your Life with Random Acts of Kindness

With the dawning of a new year, many people want to find ways to bring more positivity back into their lives. Random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to do that, but how can you – cheaply – brighten up random people’s days? Read on for a few ideas on how to extend kindness to others on a budget.

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One easy way to perform a random act of kindness that needn’t cost the earth is by paying for the people behind you in the drive-through of a local takeaway. This is a simple way of accomplishing your goal of bringing some sunshine into someone’s day, as there is no complicated social dance of refusal and insistence, and you’ll be able to request the price before you make the payment, so you can make a part payment or bow out without getting egg on your face if it’s too expensive.

Want to affect people you know personally, but aren’t too close with? Bake a basket of muffins and bring them into work for everyone to try, or distribute them among your neighbours! You can even take them into your local charity or hospital and present them as a gift to the people working there! This can work very nicely around the holidays but is perhaps extra-nice when there is no specific location associated with it.

Keeping an eye out for little bits and pieces, books, cards or other trinkets someone you love might enjoy is a nice thing to do, too. But it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for opportunities to help strangers. Obviously those can be very varied depending on the scenario – from handing a nappy sack to a dog-walker who’s come up short to spotting someone a few quid if they’re short at the till. But there are some things you can keep around just in case.

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For example, those fake pound coins charities sell to use in trolleys are great. Why not buy a set of five or six and keep them in your handbag? When you see someone struggle (or someone asks if you have change) you can simply hand them one and tell them to keep it. The act of purchasing them is a contribution to a charity you love, and you can make someone’s day – not just by handing them the item but by reminding them of a stranger’s kindness every time they grab a trolley at a supermarket.

Ultimately, you can do a million different things to make sure you can perform regular random acts of kindness. Keep some change around so you can help out buskers, beggars or people coming up short at the till. Buy those fake pound coins in case you see someone struggling to get a trolley. Have some dog treats, or a spare leash and collar in case someone’s dog escapes and needs to be rounded up… But most of all, keep your mind and your heart open to perform those acts when they come your way and you can answer the call. It’s guaranteed to help you feel more in touch with yourself, your world and your life… And cheer up someone else’s day, too!

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