Now You Can Bring TGI Friday’S Home With You!

If you are not lucky enough to live near a TGI Friday’S then worry not, as they have bought out a new collection of freezer food which include entrees for one and two people and a snack range. They offer nine different varieties both in the entrees for one and two, and an amazing the snack range that are anything but boring but actually pretty amazing. Having sampled a few of the delicious selection on offer, for research purposes you understand, my favorite has to be the Prime Rib Stroganoff; full of huge strips of tasty steak beef, covered in a rich creamy sauce and tons of mushrooms and onions. Very tasty and just what a good stroganoff should taste like. I have hand picked some of my other favorites and added my comments that will hopefully give you an idea of what they taste like. To buy the new range of TGI Friday’S freezer entrees, go to www.fridaysinyourfreezer.com and enter your postcode to find where your nearest store is stocking them.

Chicken Mac N Cheese

TGI Friday’S say: Hold the phone. Pasta with a creamy cheddar, Romano, Parmesan and Monterey Jack cheese sauce AND grilled chicken? This entrée is full of fun. I say: This dish is perfect for a light snack before you head off for the gym or walkies with your dog. Packed with chunks of juicy chicken and filling pasta, the sauce is cheesy and creamy but not too rich to fill you up and make you feel bloated. A lovely lunch time meal or on the go snack.

Prime Rib Stroganoff

TGI Friday’S say: Why did we make this blend of beef, curly pasta, mushrooms and onions in a creamy brown sauce so good? The Friday’s™ Freezer told us to. I say: This is my favorite! Huge strips of steak and with my teeny tiny appetite I would have this for dinner with some garlic bread and a coke. Do TGI Friday’S do garlic bread? Or you could easily pad this out with more mushrooms and onions but this is more than enough for me.

Sizzling Garlic Shrimp

TGI Friday’S say: Garlic and butter were made for each other. A fact that couldn’t be any more obvious than in this mix of linguini, shrimp, red and yellow bell peppers, and peas in a garlic butter sauce. Happily ever after. I say: I love garlic shrimp! And to put them with linguini pasta is inspired! You can really taste the garlic but be careful of overcooking, it only takes 5 minutes and does not need any longer or the shrimps will taste hard and rubbery.

Sizzling Chicken Fajitas

TGI Friday’S say: Chicken and peppers and spice — oh my! Add some tortillas and this meal rockets to the top of the sizzle meter. I say: Who doesn’t like a tasty fajita? And to skip the main frying is awesome! You could easily have this as a main meal on its own with nothing added if you have a small or medium appetite but if not, then eat as a normal entree. Very spicy so be warned if you prefer milder foods.

Cajun-Style Chicken Alfredo

TGI Friday’S say: A little bayou spice, a little creamy Alfredo sauce, lots of white-meat chicken — this meal is a party on a plate. We guarantee! (Say that last bit with a Cajun accent.) I say: Love this dish, I hardly eat Cajun food as I am never sure of which spices or what quantities to use but this is flavored beautifully. A lighter dish due to the white chicken meat but the Alfredo sauce is quite rich and has a distinctive flavor.

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