Bring authentic Mediterranean cuisine into your kitchen with Querida Carmen

You know what happens, you go on holiday, you sample the local cuisine, you love it so much that as soon as you get back home you try to replicate it your own kitchen. Unfortunately you cannot source the correct ingredients and you have no idea of how the dish was created. Well now there is a way to recreate that authentic Mediterranean meal you enjoyed on holiday, with Querida Carmen.

nace algusto

Querida Carman takes 100% natural and organic ingredients and semi-cooks them for you, so that all you have to do is finish off the dish in your own kitchen by adding a few fresh extras. Sounds simple? Well it is, as with each dish there are tips on how to cook it, what to add to it, and ideas of how to serve it, on their website.

All of Querida Carmen products are free of free of contaminates, come from organic cultivation and are made using authentic ingredients and recipes. The vegetable dishes are suitable for vegans and Querida Carmen ship internationally.

Dishes include:


nace algusto

This is an authentic paella that is ready in only 15 minutes. To cook, simply pour the contents of the can into a pan and heat, add the rice and cook for 15 mins. In a frying pan add two table spoons of olive oil and heat with two crushed cloves of garlic and 200 g. of small washed cuttlefish. Fry for 4’ with a pinch of salt and pepper. Turn off the heat and add a teaspoon of fresh parsley very finely chopped. Serve the rice and finish off the dish by placing the cooked cuttlefish and garlic oil on top.


nace algusto

This mushroom risotto is ready in 20 minutes: To cook simply pour the contents of the can into a pan and heat, add the rice and cook for 20 mins. You can add extras such as fresh peas, asparagus, cooked shellfish, ham or mushrooms at the end for a hearty, delicious risotto.


nace algusto

A different take on the classic rice paella now, this noodle paella is ready in 15 minutes, simply pour the contents of the can into a pan, then add the noodles and heat for 15 mins. Soak 150g. of fresh clams in cold water with a pinch of salt for 20 mins. After the first 5’ of the cooking, add the clams to the noodle paella and cook two shrimps per person. Chop garlic and fry it in oil to be added when cooked.

Querida Carmen also sell a selection of authentic soups, all made using organic ingredients, and include giant crab soup, bouillabaisse soup, and onion soup. They also sell prepacked ingredients that contain oils and different wines that suit various dishes.

nace algusto

Check out their website to buy or for more information at Querida Carmen.

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