Brides: How to look more Photogenic on your Big Day

They say it is the most important day of a woman’s life – her wedding day, and so much depends on what hairstyle you choose, the dress you have bought and what type of make up you decide on applying. You want to be able to look at your wedding pictures for a long time after the wedding is over so how can you make sure you are looking your absolute best on the actual day and not mutton dressed as lamb? What makes a bride more photogenic and what are the experts secrets to keeping that look going throughout the day until the pictures are taken? Here are some tips to get beautiful pictures on the wedding day and make a bride more photogenic.

#1. Make sure that you use a good moisturizer. The biggest mistake a bride can do on her wedding day is appear to have dry skin as dry marks on the skin will show up on the camera. Use a light creamy moisturizer that is not too oily and apply before you put on your foundation. Leave it to penetrate the skin before using foundation.

#2. When applying foundation, less is more so do not put too much on. Use a sponge to pat it over your face gently and be sure to use a concealer stick first to hide any unsightly blemishes or spot scars. If you have applied the moisturizer correctly, any fine wrinkles should have disappeared and the foundation will not sink into these lines.

#3. Try out several hairstyles before you settle on the one you will use on the day. Take pictures of each style so that you can see exactly what the style will look like in a photograph and ask the opinion of your friends and family before you make your final decision. And try not to go for a completely different style to that which you are not used to wearing. You should aim for something that is a little more glamorous version of what you usually wear.

#4. These days cameras have more pixels which equate to higher definitions and more visible details, so be careful when using a highlighter for your face, as this will show up drastically on the photographs. You only need to use very little to highlight select areas around the eyes and also avoid using white. Experts say the best highlight to use is pink and yellow because it matches with any colour.

#5. For eyeshadow colours, go for dusky shades of bronze, dark pinks and blues with eyeliner that has a black lead in it and then cover up with powder blue purple. These colors are not too bright nor too dark and it will show up on the camera much better and the pictures will be more natural looking. You can also use sparkly colours on the lids, stick to light pink or gold for a stunning finish.

#6. Don’t forget to color your eyebrows, as they do a great job of framing your face. You should choose brown instead of black as the black will look too harsh. Another good way of highlighting and framing your face is to use blusher. Cherry red blush are the trend for this season’s wedding but if this colour does not suit you then opt for a dusky pink tone and match it with your lip gloss.

#7. Speaking of lips, keep them looking fresh and natural and stay away from bright blood reds. Although the current trend is usually red lipstick colour but to stay beautiful and natural, you should choose a pink colour, rather than dark and go for a lip stain or gloss, rather than a full on lipstick. And keep some in your bag for touch ups. .

#8. Finally, before you head off to the wedding, try shooting some impromptu shots to see what you look like. This way you can touch up any areas that you feel need adjusting or you can add accessories to places that look a bit bare. If you take a picture of yourself you can to see if you looking really natural, attractive and photogenic.

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