How you can get Brian Blessed to record your personalised voicemail

Brian BlessedHe’s got one of the most recognisable voices on the planet. And now you can get veteran English actor Brian Blessed, who has starred in everything from Shakespeare to the West End, to boom out your own voicemail greeting.

The star, famous for his over the top performances as King Richard IV in Black Adder and Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon, could be telling your friends, family and colleagues that you’re not available and to leave a message.

But, there is of course, a catch – you have to be one of the first 100 people to buy an HTC 8S or 8X on O2. You must buy between now and February 4 and tweet @02 using hashtag #brianmail to get your personalised voicemail.

Once the messages have been recorded, they will be transferred directly onto each customer’s voicemail in high quality sound. Blessed, who provides the voice for Grampy Rabbit in children’s favourite Peppa Pig, will create individual messages based on each user’s name and interests.

If you go for the 8S with a 24-month contract, that will cost you £332 over the lifetime of the plan – not bad for a phone, call package – and surely what must be the best voicemail ever.

It’s not the first time Blessed has leant his voice to modern technology – he has also recorded directions for TomTom satnavs after a Facebook campaign.

But he said he was delighted to have signed up to the deal with 02. “I’m thrilled to be lending my vocal talents to the good folk at 02,” he said. “I’m planning to have a lot of fun with the voicemail messages, and leave the caller amused, confused and generally bewildered.”

HTC 8XDescribing Blessed as a “cult hero,” David Johnson of 02 added: “A voicemail message by him will make our customers’ new Windows Phone 8 by HTC phones even more personalised that before.

“Recording a good voicemail is always tricky and having a national treasure like Brian record yours for you is a chance that doesn’t come by all that often.”

The HTC 8X comes in a range of vibrant colour options and features include an ultra wide angle front camera so you can snap everyone in your group of friends. Clearly aimed at the youth market, it also has a dedicated amp built right into the phone, pumping HTC 8Smore power into your headphones than ever with deeper bass, crisper vocals and detailed high notes for music, games, movies and video.

The gizmo has an eight-megapixel camera and 16GB of internal memory.

Its more budget friendly little brother, the HTC 8S also comes with Beats Audio technology, has a five-megapixel camera, Windows Phone 8 software and up to 4GB of internal memory.

And, the two new handsets will also come with the unique voicemail for those lucky 100.

The only problem could be, you’ll be so keen for people to hear your new voicemail, you may never answer your phone again.

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