Breakfast in a Hurry? No Worries!

Who was it that said ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine as a pauper?’ Whoever did, it is good advice as your liver functions best between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. It makes perfect sense therefore to have a larger meal when your body can process it properly. And when you consider that after sleep, you would have not eaten for about eight hours, breakfast really is an important part of your day. These days however, people rarely have the time to dedicate to a good, nutritional breakfast and some skip it altogether. With this in mind, some companies have bought out breakfast products designed specifically for those who are rushed at breakfast time and need something either on the go or quick to prepare. We have added a couple of homemade ideas as well to help you get a healthy breakfast and keep you going until lunchtime.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are currently the only biscuits on the market that are specifically made for breakfast. They are made with wholegrain cereals including oats and barley which regularly releases carbohydrates over 4 hours to keep you going all morning, as part of a balanced breakfast. They also contain vitamins and minerals and are a good source of fibre. Each box contains 6 wrapped 50g biscuits and they retail for around £2. Great for grabbing when you are dashing out of the house and have not had time to eat as you can munch them in the car or on the go.

For fruit lovers check out Dole Fruit Pouches. Available in boxes of four, flavours include Apple, Apple-Banana & Strawberry and Mango-Apple-Banana & Passionfruit. Dole Fruit Pouches only contain pureed fruit and although are designed for children, are ideal for a quick breakfast hit of pure fruit. With a twist off re-sealable cap, you can squeeze the pouch and eat as you please without even a need for a spoon. They do not need to go into the fridge but actually taste better if they are colder. Cost around £1.50 for a pack of four and you can find them in the tinned fruit section.

Mission Deli are famous for their wraps and tortillas but back in April they launched a new breakfast flat bread that tastes divine. Only one flavour at present of Orange and Cranberry but hopefully if this one takes off they’ll add more flavours. Mission Deli Breakfast Bread can be eaten toasted and on its own, with butter or topped with a preferred preserve or favourite fruit as a twist to traditional toast. Or you can eat it straight out of the packet but we prefer to toast and then split the bread as you would a pitta and fill it simply with butter. Ideal if you are wanting something a little more tasty than just a slice of toast and you can warm it up and take it with you.

Finally for a spruced up milkshake that will keep you going for hours, just blitz a banana and a few strawberries, add milk and a little honey to sweeten if needed and you won’t be paying a fortune for bottled smoothies that have been hanging around the supermarket for days.

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