Branded or shopping from the streets?

Different people shop from different places. It depends on various things like age group, taste and economic stability. Someone who is not economically cannot simply walk into a Louis Vitton store and get a bag even if she wants. College going kids with their own money in hand prefer to go for the economically less strenuous ones. There are some people who have always shopped from branded shops and it becomes increasingly difficult to shop from the streets. Some prefer to pick it up from the streets while others to prefer to pick it up from the racks. Many factors contribute in developing such a mentality which depends on the shopper’s background. Those who like to balance things, shop from the branded shops as well as the streets. Let’s take a look at why people shop from the streets and why simply cannot do without a branded store. 

Why from the streets

The main reason behind shopping from the streets is the cost. The things that one gets from the stores are sold at much cheaper rates in the streets. People can select whatever they like from a wide range of displayed items. So in a way they get more options at hand. Street shopping is fun. One does not have to enter shops each and every time someone likes something. It is much less formal. You can pick it up and take a look and keep it back if you don’t like it and no one will raise a single brow. Bargaining for items of choice makes street shopping more lively. The joy of getting good looking things at a minimal cost is exhilarating which cannot be felt by someone who has not bought items from the streets. In fact there are many streets in various parts of the world which is famous for the items available there. However while shopping from the streets one has to be very careful. Every stitch and hem of each dress or bag has to be checked before being bought. Make sure that the accessories that you have bought are not faulty. You will be a champion of street shopping if you know how to bargain. The sellers will start off with unreasonable prices, and then it is up to the shopper to bring it down to a lesser amount. Plus the items, of whatever nature or price it maybe never comes with a guarantee.

Why from the branded stores

There are two things that one can be sure of if one walks into a branded store. The quality of the product will be extremely good and all the latest fashions and trends will be available. The items will be pricey but the quality of the item will be good. Those who prefer quality over quantity will any day option for branded store shopping rather than from the streets. The cut and the fit of the dresses will be fine and one may even leave the clothes for altering which will be done by the store itself. Shopping from branded stores is perhaps more classy and convenient.

Whether one will head for the streets or the store will depend entirely on the individual’s choice and taste.

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