Botox in a Bottle – Olay’s New Anti Wrinkle Cream

Olay's new Botox in a Bottle - Anti Wrinkle Kit - Olay Pro

It goes on sale today and if sales are anything like they have been in the States it will sell out in minutes. I am talking about Olay’s new face cream which is being called ‘Botox in a Bottle‘ as it apparently leads to younger looking skin in only 28 days.

With as much furore surrounding the product as Boots No.7 Perfect and Protect Cream had on its launch day, this new Anti Wrinkle Kit is being hailed as having the same results as botox injections.

In fact, the results from trials carried out by women who used the product twice a day for four weeks saw an 11 fold improvement in their wrinkles and skin smoothness. Deep wrinkles were four times less noticeable and skin appeared fresher looking and more radiant.

Olay, who are selling the Anti Wrinkle Kit for £44.99, have also given a pledge that if women do not see noticeable results after four weeks will get their money back. The kit comprises of five creams which work by strengthening the skins outer layer, reducing the loss of moisture by up to one-third and it also rejuvenates cells by doubling their production.

The creams were tested and found to be as effective as products typically only available on prescription by qualified dermatologists. It is this that may tempt women away from more invasive procedures such as cosmetic surgery and botox injections.

Olay have often been at the leading edge of anti ageing technology and their spokesperson Dr Sian Morris said about the product “The dermatologists set us the highest benchmarks in clinical research, which has been published in leading journals.”  This is indeed true as the results have been seen in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and the British Journal of Dermatology.

In the study it was proven that the Olay range was as effective as the prescription ingredient, Retinoic Acid (the most powerful form of Vitamin A) at reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The study included 200 dermatology experts who tried out the kit and were so impressed that 80 per cent of them said they would continue to use them – and recommend the products to friends – after a 28 day trial.

There have also been independent long-term clinical studies and these have found that a panel of UK women aged between 40-65 who tested the anti wrinkle kit over 6 months against a leading anti ageing cream prescribed by dermatologists showed similar results to the prescription creams.

The creams contain pro retinol, vitamin B3 and peptides, all proven ingredients in the fight against ageing and have now been endorsed by British dermatology experts. A limited stock of the creams will go on sale today in the UK on the Boots.com website as part of a pre-sale launch and a national launch is expected in early August. Be quick though as they are expected to sell out!

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