Boots Launch No.7 Beautiful Skin to Mixed Reviews

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Do you remember the furore that surrounded Boots when No7 Protect & Perfect was first launched? Moisturisers sold out and pots of the stuff were selling on Ebay for three times as much as the RRP. The simple reason being that the anti ageing lotions were actually proven to work! And apart from the initial campaign to get the products into the public domain, it was word of mouth that got the message across with women queuing up, buying not one pot, but as may as they were allowed. Perhaps it is the success story of No.7 Protect & Perfect that has made Boots reach a little higher and further their ambitions, in attempting to replace their Advanced Hydration skincare range, with this new Beautiful Skin Collection.Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin collections for very dry skin to Oily Skin including BB CreamBut as the old saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and that seems to be the message coming across from Boots own review boards. Although generally, the overall tone is moderately positive, people are not rushing to recommend the products as they were before. Far from it, in fact, there is a call to reinstate the old Advanced Hydration range in some cases. The problem products seem to be the anti ageing creams, and in particular, the Day and Night creams respectively. And the problems appear to be the creams either irritating sensitive skin or adding too much oil for skin that is greasy to start with. What customers seem to be particularly peeved about is that they thought Boots had some perfectly good products on the market that were adequate for their specific needs, so why have they felt the need to change things now? We have included some of the comments below:

No7 Skin Day Cream Dry/Very Dry – 14 June 2012

No7 Skin Day Cream Dry/Very DryAnnDee – Devon

‘Yet again Boots have replaced a quite brilliant product with one that just doesn’t match up. I am really sorry as the Advanced Hydration cream was lovely and I was more than happy with it. The “Beautiful” cream seems to barely moisturise and it seems much more perfumed – making it pretty average and not much use to someone with sensitive skin like mine. I will not be buying any more of this.Please, please reinstate the Advanced Hydration cream.’

No7 Skin Night Cream Normal/Oily – 17 March 2012


‘I bought this night cream hoping that my skin would not feel so oily in the mornings but how wrong i was. My skin feels like i have put cooking oil on it and feels terrible.’

No7 Skin Night Cream Normal/Oily – 08 May 2012

No7 Skin Night Cream Normal/OilyHettieDix

‘I bought this assuming it was a rebranded version of the previous No 7 night cream for oily skin (which was fantastic). This one, however, is horrid – it’s seriously over-perfumed, somehow managed to make my face feel gritty as well as oily the next morning and blocked my pores. It’s a shame the previous line seems to have been discontinued because it was so much better.’

These comments are quite typical of two or three products in the No.7 Beautiful Skin Range, with the majority receiving favourable reviews. It appears that the most sought after products, the anti ageing creams, however, are the ones in which are failing the customers and receiving the most disappointing comments. But what do you think? Have you tried one of the No.7 Beautiful Skin range and do you agree with the comments on the Boots website? If you have we’d love to hear from you!

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