Boot it in style with the best available ankle boots

Stylish ankle boots

Stylish ankle boots

Who doesn’t want to look perfect and trendy? Footwear is a prodigious add-on to any one’s personality. A great pair of shoes can revolutionize your look as well as your personality. The market is flooded with boots that offer great variety when it comes to color, designs or materials. This huge range may also leave us at times with not one good pair of shoes that will look simply ideal on an occasion.

While there are several types of boots that you can try out, I personally feel that there is nothing that will beat the aura of ankle boots this season. Although boots were a popular style of women’s footwear in the early nineteenth century, they became extensively popular and have remained a fundamental of women’s winter wardrobes since then onwards. There are different types of boots available in the market. You just have to look at your personality and your preference in this aspect. There are lace-up boots available like those from NET-A-PORTER, BLUEFLY etc. These look very rocky and street panache. They can go well along with dresses as well as shorts. You can also find vintage and leather boots. Though most women’s boots have a feminine element, the high-heeled boots look extremely feminine. They employ a classy flavor to your attire and persona. Each type of boots has its own unique features to choose from according to your taste. Ankle boots are weaving their way out into fashion trends year after year.

Ankle boots - different style options

Ankle boots - different style options

Ankle boots are one of the most dynamic looks going around this season. However, you should not wear the leg boots with short skirts! It will become a complete mismatch. You can pair them up with a pleasant and long skirt though and look radiant. Whether they are flat or heeled, ankle boots with long skirts is a timeless blend in itself. While there might be many who like to pair their boots with long skirts that are fuller, you may also want to try them with narrow long skirts and look just as attractive. The point however, is that you don’t show your leg. Also, it is important that you don’t let your socks surface from underneath your boots.

Most women’s boots also look great with boot-cut jeans or skinny-leg dress pants. When you come right down to it while wearing the ankle boots, you want to use them with pants that make your legs look their best. With ankle length boots, only pants that are fixed around the calf – the Capri styles and the ones that are fixed around the foot – the tight pants or leggings will look appropriate. Keeping in mind the kind of dresses to avoid wearing with the boots is a good option for those of you who haven’t tried out the boots yet. Don’t be apprehensive now – Just avoid them with cropped pants and tights, shorts, short skirts and pencil skirts to name a few. Long leggings or tights however, look great with ankle boots giving you a completely polished look. That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the only pants that look good with a pair of ankle boots are those that can be tucked into them rather than falling over them. Wide legged pants that are tucked in to the ankle boots look very unappealing. So it is always a good idea to stick to the tighter ones.

A boot that hits the leg just below the knee is thought to be remarkably stylish. However, it is tight plus bulky. The advantage to wear the ankle boots over shoes or taller boots is that you get the perfect ankle coverage without the cumbersomeness of a knee-high boot. You can check out the latest and trendiest ankle boots from TOPSHOP, EDDIE BAUER, NEIMAN MARCUS, ZOE etc. Fashion boots generally take up more or less the same array of soles and heels as are found in the normal shoes. A diverse range of fasteners is seen in fashion boots now-a-days. Laces are commonly used in ankle boots. But they turn out to be too time-consuming for the longer styles. In this aspect, zip fasteners are extensively employed in all styles of boot footwear. The partial-length zips make it much more convenient to insert the foot into the toe of the boot. The pull-on boots have no fasteners and they are likely to have a much looser fit than the zip boots or lace-up boots.

Finally, there are the button-fastened boots as well. These were common at the beginning of the last century but are hardly ever seen these days. If present, the buttons are usually employed as design accentuation on the boots. The other decorative and ornamental features include straps, buckles, studs, and decorative stitching on the boots making it more alluring in appearance. The ankle boots look great with almost all the outfits, hence their wide-spread preference by one and all!

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