The Best Books on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

If you had not noticed this week celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and to give you a clue you may have seen some red, white and blue bunting and union jack flags strewn about the place, with villagers enjoying street parties and the like.

If you prefer your celebrations a little quieter, indoors with a good book, then how about reading an account of Her Majesty’s amazing sixty years on the throne?

If you fancy a good read and are interested in the history that went along with Queen Elizabeth’s reign, then we have picked out the five best Diamond Jubilee books that you can buy as keepsakes of this special event. Check these out:

The Queen – Diamond Jubilee Book by Richard Brassey – £3.04

The Queen - Diamond Jubilee Book by Richard BrasseyWhat I like most about this is that it covers the Queen’s whole lifetime (and a little family history too), yet still manages in pack in all sorts of quirky facts. This is the secret of Brassey’s appeal for children, and also means that the book presents the Queen as an individual, whilst also conveying something of her responsibilities.

Crucially, it is also a very respectful presentation, without being sober and dull. Children will learn some aspects of the Queen’s life that they are perhaps less likely to encounter elsewhere.

Brassey has taken a chronological approach and provided quite a bit of information about her childhood and young adulthood before she became Queen. For example, it’s a small thing, but my youngest (8) hadn’t connected WWII as being in living memory, but learning how the young Princess Elizabeth had been in the Women’s Army and learned to change truck tyres really brought that home for her.

This is the kind of thing children often struggle with, in learning about history – putting it all together. This book does a great job of contextualising the Queen’s lifetime and her reign without feeling particularly instructive.

The Queen: The Diamond Jubilee by Debrett’s – £14

The Queen: The Diamond Jubilee by Debrett'sBritain’s leading authority on the peerage and Royal Family commemorates the remarkable life of the Queen, from her early years to her role as a modern monarch in the 21st century A beautifully illustrated commemoration of the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this book explores the Queen’s genealogy, tracing her descent from William the Conqueror, her coat of arms, and orders of chivalry.

It looks at her personal life, her childhood, teenage years, hobbies and pursuits, as well as her closest family ties: her mother, sister, husband, children, in-laws, and grandchildren. Her public life is also reviewed and celebrated, from formal occasions to garden parties, walkabouts, ship-launchings, and ribbon-cuttings, to her work with charities and presenting awards and honors.

The state occasions that have punctuated the Queen’s life—her own wedding, her coronation, other royal weddings, state funerals, state openings of parliament, investitures, and trooping the color—are explored with insightful and gorgeous photographs. This touching, unique, and beautiful book is a perfect way to celebrate the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album – £8.49

Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir AlbumFew monarchs have achieved a sixty-year reign and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II will be a historic event in every sense. This official souvenir charts every year of The Queens life, from babyhood to the present day, and will be both an invaluable companion to the history behind the Diamond Jubilee and a biography-in-pictures of the remarkable woman it celebrates.

Over 300 colour illustrations, including personal documents and photographs, have been brought together to present a portrait of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and a magnificent souvenir of an almost unparalleled royal event.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1952-2012 by Annie Bullen – £4.31

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Diamond Jubilee Souvenir 1952-2012 by Annie Bullen

A gorgeously photographed celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 magnificent years as British Sovereign With the exception of Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving monarch in British history, acknowledged worldwide for the myriad of duties she has performed with grace and dignity.

This special souvenir guide, illustrated lavishly throughout with color photographs, looks at every aspect of the life of one of the world’s most beloved monarchs—from her childhood and teenage years in the company of her sister, Princess Margaret, to her role as Heir Presumptive, her engagement and marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh, her accession, coronation, and even her passion for horses and the other country pursuits she enjoys in her rare “off-duty” moments.

Also included are pertinent details about her duties as queen, such as working with charities, attending the State Opening of Parliament, and taking part in fascinating traditional ceremonies such as the Royal Maundy, the Trooping the Color, the colorful Garter Ceremony, and the Remembrance Day service.

Sixty Glorious Years: Our Queen Elizabeth II – Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012 by Victoria Murphy – £10.00

Since Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne sixty years ago Britain has seen huge social, political and economic change.

As her people have celebrated the highs and mourned the lows, she has remained a constant and stable figure at the head of the world’s most famous Royal Family. Through 12 Prime Ministers, four recessions, wars and a technological revolution, the Queen’s determination to carry out her duties and to connect with the public has not faltered.

Sixty Glorious Years celebrates her extraordinary ability to have secured a place in the hearts of generations of Britons. With rarely seen pictures, this book offers an unparalleled look at the life and work of the woman who looks set to become Britain’s longest surviving sovereign.

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