Book Clubs: Which is the Best One To Join?

Most of us have heard of Richard & Judy’s Book Club, made popular on their Channel Five evening TV programmes whilst it was showing. But since its appearance it has spawned many others, in national newspapers and online, with subjects covering academia to childrens books. So if you ever fancied joining one but were daunted by the prospect of where to start, we have shifted through the majority of them to find the best online book clubs and show you what they are offering. Whether you just want to browse and get a feel of a story, discover new authors or read along with fellow book enthusiasts, there is something for everyone. So let’s get started with children’s book clubs.

And speaking of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, in late May of this year they launched the second of their Children’s Book Clubs. The Children’s Book Club is once again made up of three categories which includes- Read Together, Read Yourself and Fluent Reader, and aims to help parents choose great books which children will love. Each category has six books to choose from so you are bound to find one your child will love reading. Visit www.richardandjudy.co.uk to see what books they are recommending this summer.

For the older readers amongst us, check out The Guardian newspaper. It has an online book club which is complimented with a weekly column that is hosted by John Mullan, professor of English at University College London. The Guardian’s book club examines a book a month and has a live Q&A session with the author. Mullan’s first three columns will discuss the book in question; his final column consists of a selection of your comments from the live event and the blog. To be the first to find out about forthcoming events go towww.guardian.co.uk/books/series/bookclub.

If you don’t fancy joining an actual book club but want honest opinions of books you may want to read, then may I recommend a visit to www.classicbookclub.co.uk. Here you will find down to earth reviews of the classics from contemporary fiction to older masterpieces. Instead of pondering about which book you should be reading and wondering whether Jane Austin is worth a second go after your horrible experience at school, here you can get the gist of a book in seconds. And you can write your own reviews on the books you have loved for other readers.

Finally, for ladies who don’t have time to lunch but wouldn’t mind a half an hour to spend with a good book, how about a look at The SheKnows Book Club? You can interact with other readers in the comfort of their own homes, there is a forum to chat with the authors, read special thought pieces on intriguing topics and more. You’ll feed your love of books and connect with other busy women, book lovers and authors. And there is a new selection of books every other month so you are not too over faced. For more information on how to join visit www.sheknows.com

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