Use Boob Beanie to Breast Feed in public

It’s that age old conundrum; you are out shopping with your new born baby and the little darling is hungry and wants feeding. Next comes the tricky job of maneuvering your clothing, fixing your baby onto your boob, all at the same time trying to ensure no one can see anything untoward as you feed your child.

Boob Beanie - Brown

And woe betide anyone who glimpses a flash of flesh, yet alone a spot of nipple, for you will be the target of undesirable comments, rude glares and in some cases, thrown out of an establishment. So one mother, who was fed up with the simple task of just trying to feed her baby in public, decided to create a novelty accessory that she hoped would make people smile, instead of act in a judgmental manner. And we think the Boob Beanie should do just that.Boob Beanie - brown and pinkThe Boob Beanie was designed by an Australian mum who was sick of being judged for feeding her son in public. She figured that in a society where breasts are more accepted as sexual objects than their original intended purpose, these beanies aim to get a little of our own back! The Boob Beanie was created to give disapproving onlookers a shock while keeping an infant’s head warm, and these hand crocheted cotton hats come in 3 sizes to fit 0 to 12 months and cost AU $17.95 (£12).

Boob Beanie - Side view

They are available in two colour combinations – flesh/pink and flesh/brown – and have been designed to look like the real thing. And just to take the joke one step further (don’t Aussies always!) there is an adult size available too, so the man in your life can look a right tit as well!

So now instead of being the subject of some furious glances and disapproving looks, perhaps you can spread a smile when you are breastfeeding your baby! Enjoy laughing at the double takes and seeing the reaction for doing what just comes naturally.

Boob Beanie - Flesh/Pink

For more information, or to buy, visit Boob Beanies website – boobbeanie.com.

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