Blue Shampoos for Brunettes that work like Purple Blonde Shampoos

Most of us already know about purple shampoos for blondes, but did you realise that blue shampoos for brunettes work on the same principle?

Purple shampoo uses violet pigments to combat brassy and yellow tones in blonde hair. And blue shampoo does exactly the same for brunettes. Blue shampoos for brunettes use blue pigments to counter-act brassy tones.

Here’s our pick of the top blue shampoos for brunettes:

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Moisturising Shampoo, 250ml: £6.99

blue shampoos

The way this blue shampoo for brunettes works is by moisturising the hair from the inside and then sealing in this moisture. Hydrated hair is more resistant and resilient to the harmful effects of the environment so your hair colour will last longer. Good for colour-treated brunette hair.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo, 350ml: £7.45

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If you have a lot of copper or orange tones in your hair that you want to be toned down then this blue shampoo is perfect. It contains special blue pigments which are designed to counteract the unwanted tones. It also hydrates hair, leaving it shiny and smooth. Not for use on bleached or streaked hair.

Fudge Cool Brunette Blue Toning Shampoo, 250ml: £11.95

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There are no harsh sulphates in this refreshing shampoo which is formulated to combat orange and red tones leaving a lovely chocolate brown colour. It uses blue pigments and customers say it smells divine!

Aveda Pure Plant Blue Malva Shampoo, 1000ml: 46.50

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This blue shampoo contains the bluet flower known for its ability to intensify colour. It works on all hair colours including grey to reduce brassiness and orange tones. It also features blue malva, which is good for scalp problems.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo, 300ml: £7.63

blue shampoos

This is a great blue shampoo for anyone who has lightened their hair. It contains colour-depositing blue-violet pigments which reduce orange and brassy tones. For best results, leave on the hair for up to three minutes.

Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo, 300ml: £16.30

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If you have ombré-highlighted hair it can be difficult to get the right balance of tones. This blue shampoo corrects the overly warm ones whilst still preserving your colour.

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