Blinded By Science – by Matthew Silverstone

Alternative therapies are nothing new and many are based on old traditions and ancient folklore, but the new book ‘Blinded By Science’, by Matthew Silverstone explores this theory even further by suggesting that there is much more to an alternative look at medicine than we first thought. His interest in alternative medicine came about when his son contracted a bout of chronic fatigue disease and he sought to find an alternative healer to help him. Eventually his son was ‘cured’ by using therapies which involved, amongst others, hugging trees for their energy.

femalefirst.co.ukSilverstone believes that, as all atoms vibrate, and we are all made up from atoms, we should use this vibrational energy and take on therapies which involve sound waves, magnets, and even the Moon’s gravitational pull to help cure illnesses. It may seem like something out of a science fiction novel but there could be some validity to it. If you look at the word ‘disease’ or ‘dis ease’ as in stress is a contributing cause to disease, the body is not at ease and could be vibrationally out of synch. And it appears that modern science is catching up with Silverstone’s ideas and implementing them in new innovative techniques.

We already use ultra sounds in modern medicine but now doctors have found a new way of utilising them for epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease. By taking pulses of ultra sounds, they can precisely target the areas of the brain that are affected and change the way the cells react and work. In Parkinson’s Disease they can stimulate the cells that could die off if not treated, or in epileptic patients they can switch off the over excited cells and calm them down. They can also be used to fight against cancer with a system called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound in which cancer cells are burnt off with a powerful beam of sound waves.

You often see magnets in alternative medicines and on their own there is little evidence to show they have any effect. But if you pass an electric current through them then it is a different story. Electromagnetism can be useful in treating people with brain diseases such as schizophrenia and dementia. The brain already uses electrical currents and operates by sending signals to other parts of the brain in order to function. By sending different electrical signals, it is possible to change and repair damage done to diseased brains and re routing the brain to send the correct signals. Patients who have had a stroke and suffered from speech impairments have benefited from such therapy after transcranial magnetic stimulation had been applied to the brain areas known to process language.

It is not a myth that emergency call takers receive more emergency calls during the Full Moon and a study in the Medical Journal of Australia shows that mental patients become more violent and have more acute behavioural out bursts during this period than at any other. People with epilepsy however, find that on a cloudless night when the Full Moon is at its brightest, the number of seizures actually goes down. Dr Sallie Baxendale from the Institute of Neurology believes that it could be the amount of melatonin, which is produced at night and in the dark, that is responsible. It seems that for all the advances in medical science, perhaps we should still be looking to the past for a cure and give vibrational medicine a closer examination.

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