Blake Lively finally Launches Lifestyle site ‘Preserve’

The moment has arrived, the anticipation is over, as 26 year-old actress Blake Lively lifted the veil on her lifestyle website ‘Preserve’ yesterday, and it was an altogether more sombre affair than we were expecting. Shot in muted, grey tones, with Lively in silent contemplation, the message was a carefully crafted one of ‘please accept me, I’m trying my best but I don’t have all the answers’.

Blake Lively © Preserve

Blake Lively © Preserve

To the objective outsider, it would appear that Lively may have studied Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop.com, before constructing hers, and learnt by Paltrow’s mistakes. Paltrow was often criticised for pushing her extravagant and impossibly healthy lifestyle to her followers, and it seems that Lively is determined not to follow in her fellow actor’s footsteps.

So much so that one of the first pages you are directed to is a charity page, where you are told of the site’s goals to:

· Give 5,000 children a meal
· Give 2,000 children a blanket
· Give 2,700 children a warm hoodie

The actress, who is married to US actor Ryan Reynolds, is upfront about the Preserve site however, and tells her fans: “Let us be clear. We are a for-profit business.” However, where she differs from Paltrow is that she is showcasing US craftsmanship, as in every item for sale on the site is handcrafted by an American artist.

Items for sale on the site included beautifully handmade leather wallets, unique jewelry, colourful men’s ties, chopping boards in the shape of US states, bangles, tees, neck scarves, cushions, hats, and even food such as hot fudge and mustard.

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The website states that for their first year of operation, the Preserve site will donate 5% of every purchase to Covenant House, the charity they are partnering with, that provides much needed funds for homeless, abused and trafficked young people. And it seems that although Ms Lively may have expensive tastes herself, she does not expect her fans to, as items for sale on the website start at $7 for a bottle of ketchup, to $450 for a messenger bag.

Comparisons with Paltrow are to be expected, but Lively appears to be a little humbler than her fellow actress, stating: “I’m more intimidated than I should probably admit. I’m no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat.”

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She also asks her fans to accept that she may not get it right first time and to bear with her on her journey: “We acknowledge that we are human and are flawed. But please accept, our intention is to do something pure. So we ask you, let this be a conversation. Help us grow. Help us give. Please critique us, teach us and be patient with us in the process, as ultimately we are all in this, this spinning sphere, together.”

We think she has pitched the website just right, and might even garner a few of Paltrow’s followers with her down-to-earth approach.

Check out the site for yourself at Preserve.us

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