Blake Fielder Civil to write book on Amy Winehouse?

Blake Fielder Civil is set to be writing a tell all book about his ex wife Amy Winehouse sources revealed. Fielder Civil, who is currently serving a 32 month jail sentence for a burglary and firearm offence has many hours of home footage shot on a video camera that he has not shown to the public which would make fascinating viewing. He also has hundreds of intimate photographs and is now planning to show these, as well as writing a biography of the troubled star whilst he is in prison. Blake and Amy began their whirlwind romance in 2005 when they first met and in just one month Amy had tattooed his name above her left breast. However, Blake was already in a relationship which he could not bring himself to end, leaving Amy devastated. They did eventually got together and married in Miami in 2007. Their relationship was troubled from the outset and many of Amy’s friends and family accuse Blake of introducing her to heroin and other drugs.

Most of Amy’s Black to Black album was based on their turbulent times together and messy split and divorce later in 2009. Amy was found dead in her house in Camden on July 23rd and Blake was banned from attending his ex-wife’s funeral at the end of July. On hearing the news of her death Blake collapsed in his cell and said, “I’m beyond inconsolable … my tears won’t dry. I will never ever again feel the love I felt for her. Everybody who knew me and knew Amy knew the depth of our love. I can’t believe she’s dead.” And staff at the Leeds prison put him on a suicide watch.

It appears now that he feels the best way to get over his grief is to write a book about the love of his life. A source told The Sun: ‘Blake’s been planning to write a tell-all on Amy since she became famous.’ And he apparently has a diary which he kept when the pair were together. If he has approached a publisher he could easily get a book deal worth millions and many of Amy’s friends and family would suppose that this could be one reason why the one time music runner married her in the first place. We will have to wait and see if he really does and hope that it is not a derogatory warts and all tale. Amy deserved more than that.

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