Black laces jacket for the elegant you!

In today’s fashion, a lace is a masterpiece in many of the designer’s collection. Lace in simple terms, could be defined as an additional beauty to your cloth work. Laces never existed before the 17th century. Portraits painted in the 18th century show pictures of strips and flounces of the black silk lace, used in earlier times in Italy, Spain and France. Later, in the 19th century, the black silk guipure laces were innovated. A French man used a technique of joining small pieces or strips of cloth with a needle, it was then, these beautiful laces were invented.

Laces initially, were made on hand. Today, with the world becoming more technological and mechanized, laces are being produced worldwide mechanically. Laces were previously used just to make flares or give borders to dresses. With the increase in the forms of laces, a lace is being made and used in different sizes, patterns and colors too.

One of the ideal colors of a lace is BLACK. Black laces are often used by French designers to make their dresses look more elegant and beautiful. Mostly stoles and shawls were made using black laces.

Chantilly lace is the best one among all the black laces. This lace is named after a French town, Chantilly, where silk laces are made, especially for the Spanish markets. These Chantilly laces were at first were not black in color. They were made using cream-colored strips enclosed with heavier floss silk and because of their cream color, they were known as Blonde. Today, the town Chantilly is amongst the world’s best lace maker towns.

Coming to a black lace jacket, it is one of the most beautiful outfit of the lace-made collections. Black lace jackets can be paired up with a variety of garments. Firstly, if you are using a shirt-like jacket, you have choices like the jet black trousers or the white winter pants or any of the metallic shades of skirts. If you are using lace jackets as shrugs, always pair up your shirts to white as white and black combination is one of the most appropriate combinations of all. You may also use a black shirt. Try avoiding other colors as they will make you appear shabby. The best way to make your lace dress elegant is to make your dress high-necked and pair them up with full length sleeves, of even those puffed sleeves with ruffle shoulders. You could use those cute pumps or even those lace and strap shoe. In terms of accessorizing your attire, always choose metallic black accessories as metals go a great pair with anything in black.

Lace clothes not only are beautiful, but have certain drawbacks too. Simple lace clothes without the inner lining appear to be an expensive one. They make up well only if you are able to pair them up well. Jackets made of lace appear good and well with and without the lining as you are going to pair it up with a tee. Most of the lace clothes don’t serve you for a longer time as laces are a very thin fabric so quiet easily tear able.

Black lace jackets are mostly worn by the women of France, Spain and Britain, where as in India the wear of lace garment is still limited. Laces, in India, are mostly used as borders and flares to dresses and saris, as they were used initially by the French people.

A black lace jacket is one among the summer purchase list of my collection as these jackets are ideal for a summer wear because they give you a soothing feel in the hot days. You experience laces in most of the garments made up of a variety of fabrics, why not experience a whole garment made of the lace fabrics??

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