Black Friday Shopping with a Smile

Black Friday is an American staple, and if you’re hoping to bag some crazy savings this Friday you’ll be well-prepared for this post-Thanksgiving extravaganza. But do you know how best to organise yourself to keep stress to a minimum, savings to a maximum, and safety in mind? Read on!

  1. Keep Tots Safe

Some guides will advise you to use your children to your advantage, ramming people out of the way with buggies and prams and even sending small agile bodies into the fray in hopes of coming out with goodies. However, bringing your kids along at all will up your stress-levels considerably and they could, of course, get hurt. Finding someone to watch them is a much better way to enjoy your Black Friday shopping spree in a calm, relaxed manner and without risking injury to your precious kids.

  1. Stay Hydrated and Well-fed

Staying hydrated and keeping your blood sugar from getting too low are two invaluable pieces of advice to take with you into the fray. Many people know this well enough to bring food and drinks if they’re going to sit in the car park waiting for shops to open. But even if you’re only going to be out during the day, bringing a bottle of water and some high-energy snacks is a good idea. After all, the last thing you want is to queue up for hours to grab some fast food from a local outlet. And clearly waiting for your blood sugar to drop so low you begin to feel ill, become grumpy, or simply can’t enjoy your day out shopping. It can be as simple as having a big breakfast and packing some nutritious granola bars and a small water bottle in your handbag, but don’t overlook it! It can make a huge difference to your ability to enjoy Black Friday.

  1. Have a Plan

Knowing what you’re going to do is an important part of making your Black Friday shopping spree successful. Make a list of the shops you intend to hit and team up with friends or family members. Your partner can hit one shop while you visit another, and you can each carry a list of items you need to keep an eye out for. Be sure the budget is clear to everyone, too! And speaking of the budget…

  1. Budget Carefully

It’s getting close to Christmas, and this is not a time to blow the budget. Make sure you have two limits; the ideal limit where you won’t be eating into your Christmas fund, and the final limit where you need to stop, no matter what. This final limit will allow you to spend a bit extra if you find the perfect Christmas present for someone or happen across a deal you really need to pick up (for example, a cheap laptop when you need a new laptop for your studies), but take your ideal limit seriously!

  1. Impulse Buys

Impulse buys are always tempting, and never more so than on Black Friday. Be aware of this, and of the fact that they may not be the best idea ever. At the time, it may seem like a great idea to buy seven blenders, but when you get home you’ll realise it wasn’t! So make sure you carefully consider whether or not you genuinely need the item in question before you buy it. Impulse buys can lead to a real sense of disappointment at the end of the day and can eat into your Black Friday budget by an amazing amount, so be careful.

The ultimate shopping day is Black Friday, and obviously it’s important to enjoy it! Sticking to these rules will help you increase enjoyment, reduce disappointment, and safely enjoy the biggest shopping event of the year. Good luck!

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