Birchbox: The New Way to Sample Beauty Products

Every so often you hear of an idea that sounds so simple and perfect that it makes you think to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ And so to Birchbox, the latest brainchild of Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, who incidentally met at Harvard Business School (where else!). They realised there was a gap in the market where busy, (ok lazy!) ladies who wanted to just try out smaller samples of well-known products before they committed to buy them, had to either go out to a store or, or nothing. There was no alternative. Hence Birchbox. The aim of Birchbox is to deliver the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Here’s what you will get when you sign up:

The Birchbox

Each month, you’ll receive a selection of 4-5 samples that have been tested and retested. You’ll receive anything from skincare to makeup to cult beauty tools, from well-known brands as well as emerging gems. Check out our products here and our ever-growing list of brand partners here.

The Content

The magazine is designed to help you get the most out of your samples. Birchbox are here to be a source of inspiration, advice, and information. They’ll show you how to rock the latest trends, master techniques, and upgrade your daily routine with articles, expert interviews, and videos.

The Shop

When you are certain you love the samples you’ve tried, you can purchase full-size versions directly from us in our shop. Every purchase earns you Birchbox Points you can use toward more fantastic products. Referring friends and filling out quick product feedback surveys gets you points too!

The Price

That’s what you’ll get with Birchbox — for $10 a month, the company will send you a selection of high-end beauty product samples so you can figure out what works for you without actually having to leave that couch.

If you like a particular sample you can then pick up the full-size version in the Birchbox Shop, and discover new favorites. And, every purchase earns you Birchbox Points that can be used toward more full-size product. The online magazine and videos give you expert tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you get the most out of your products and stay on top of trends. Earn dollars to spend in the Birchbox Shop with the generous Birchbox Points program. Shop, review products, or refer friends to rack up points. And you can choose between yearly and monthly subscription plans, and fill out your Beauty Profile to get products picked especially for you. Birchbox has recently been featured by InStyle, New York Post, the Huffington Post, WWDBeauty.com, Vogue, Reuters and Marie Claire among others.

The founders of Birchbox have much experience in the fashion and beauty world as veteran beauty editors and consumers, they know first-hand how overwhelming the world of lacquers and lotions can be. They have designed the site to be a smart, streamlined, and fun way to try to buy high-end beauty products. They endeavour to sort through the clutter to send you only what works and what’s worth the splurge. Birchbox was created because, like you, they love beauty but they don’t want to have to work too hard for it.

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