Biofinity toric are some of the most comfortable contact lenses one can use

Biofinity toric contact lenses are soft, flexible, and easy to handle contact lenses that provide exceptional long-lasting comfort. Users find these lenses extremely comfortable because they do not have the feeling of a foreign body floating in their eyes even after prolonged use of it. The lens remains moist and hydrated all through out the day and hence the eyes do not feel dry and this is where they score over its competitors.

Dry eyes bring discomfort and serious problems in the long run. These lenses are manufactured by a company called Cooper Vision. Biofinity Toric lenses are made from comfilcon, a unique substance which allows constant flow of oxygen and at the same time it keeps the lens wet. The lens also helps to counterbalance the abnormality occurring due to eye and lens incompatibility and thus improving visual performance. The lenses have a natural wet ability, a property responsible for retaining water within the lens all the time.

Biofinity toric contact lenses are soft, flexible, and easy to handle contact lenses that provide exceptional long-lasting comfortThe comfilcon material works through a process called Aqua form Comfort Science Technology (a Cooper Vision patented technology) which creates hydrogen bonds with water molecules. These trapped water molecules prevent any chances of dehydration or protein deposit in the lens. For their unique design these lenses permit oxygen to flow to the eyes. Oxygen is important to maintain eye health.

It allows you to continue with your daily activities hassle-free. This means that your biofinity toric lenses must be replaced every thirty days or as prescribed by your primary eye care physician. Contact lens cleaning solutions are required for proper care of your Biofinity Toric contact lenses. Rewetting drops are optional if your Toric contact lenses should ever get dehydrated. In the recent past Biofinity lenses have achieved a break through by being approved by FDA for up to 6 nights and 7 days of extended wear. In other words if your doctor thinks your eyes can handle it, Biofinity can be worn one week straight.  These lenses are designed to correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is a disease which causes an individual to see fuzzy images. The vision is not clear and becomes vague now and then.

The contact lenses help in treating this illness. Astigmatism is known to have a proclivity for dry eyes but biofinity torics lenses by keeping the eyes moist all the time helps in thwarting this disease to a great extent. However these lenses should always be given a trial run as prescribed by the optician for the best results. High end matrix technology associated with this lens makes its price higher than any normal lens. With this technology there is no reason not to choose soft lenses for your every day or extended use. It does not only give clarity and sharp vision but also flexibility with the type of activities that you can engage in. The colossal amount of rewards and benefits that they offer truly justifies its high price.

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