Binoculars: Keep Your Eye Out For These Items

Vivitar 12×25 Digital Camera Binocular

The Vivitar 12×25 Digital Camera Binocular looks like something that people have been dreaming about since digital cameras cameo out. The ability to take pictures from far away using binoculars sounds great, but it is not something you can do with this camera. Think of it as two different items put into one. The binoculars is a separate item to the camera, the reason is that you can’t really take a picture of what you see through the binoculars with the camera. When you see it you may expect that the use would be to take pictures while bird watching or at your favorite sporting event, but if that is what you are looking for, then you will be disappointed. However that does not mean that this is a bad thing to buy if you know what you are buying. It is a way to take both things with you without taking up twice the space or worrying about losing one of them. The Camera is decent at 8 megapixels and considering that it is 2 items in one it is pretty light weight.

Emerson 10×25 Digital Camera Binocular

A combination camera and binoculars can seem like a great idea and in most cases they are. The Emerson 10×25 Digital Camera Binocular is a mixed bag. The binoculars have a great look to them; it almost looks like military infrared goggles that you see in movies and video games. As far as binoculars go the Emerson 10×25 Digital Camera Binocular does a good job at the ball park and during nature walks. The camera however is a different thing however, as it is mediocre at best and battery consumption is a negative for it.  The review you will give to this product depends on the use you want it for. If you are looking for a set of binoculars with a bit extra you will be very satisfied, but if you want it as a camera for those nature walks and the stadium you will be really disappointed.

Eschenbach MaxEvent Binocular Glasses

The Eschenbach MaxEvent Binocular Glasses are the cool cousin of the opera glasses. They are easy to take to your favorite event and they do give you a better view. They also however have a few cons, for example you can get some double vision with them and they do not look like the designer glasses they were intended to look like. That does not mean that you should not get a pair as they can be really useful, but they are not something you want to be walking around when bird watching for example. However for the theater or concerts they can be a great buy. They are light weight and can be taken with you anywhere. They are also good quality and well put together. With the proper treatment you will have them for a long time.

Binoculars, The Sharper Image Digital Camera

When you hear the name “The Sharper Image” you automatically think cool gadgets, and these binoculars are one of them. They are small so you may not be thrilled about the size, but younger nature lovers will love this item. They can be taken anywhere and though the price is low, the binoculars are not made cheap. The camera could be a lot better, but for as far as cameras go, others with similar resolution are about the same price, but still do not have the binoculars. As it is the case with other camera/binocular combination, you do not want to use them to take pictures of what you see through the binoculars; that seems to always be the case, but as a combination for kids and teenagers it is pretty good.

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